Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Machine Bench - up to the stack x 10

Pulldowns - stack x 10

Incline Press - 225 x 3 sets of 10

Low Cable Rows - stack x 3 sets of 8

Upright Rows - 95 x 3 sets of 15

Notes - Still just playing around and having fun.  Joints feel pretty good so I think I should be in good shape to start meet prep next week.


  1. Hope everything goes well for you Paul, good luck with your meet prep. Do you have any numbers that you would like to hit, or will this meet just help you to set your baseline for future meets?

  2. The goal is 635/425/640 for 1700, no belt/no wraps @ 242. I feel confident if my elbows hold up and I don't blow anything out again that I'm good for it.