Friday, November 5, 2010

"...but will it"

I recently shot over some material I had been sent about powerlifting that was non-training related to a well respected friend of mine.  After getting back with me on the article his response was...

"Will any of this make you stronger?"

This got my wheels to spinning about a lot of things.  About decisions you make in and out of the gym, on the athletic field, in your personal and professional life.  Most of us have seen reminder clothing that makes you think about your actions before you actually act out, or you can just call on the golden rule.  

This one really hit home for me however.  

In the gym -

"Will this make me........"


For the majority of people reading this, that is the goal.  To get stronger.  That is what we spend that time in the gym doing.  Whether it be for sport, powerlifting, or self gratification you should be lifting weights to get stronger.  You don't use a screwdriver to hammer a nail into a piece of wood, although I'm sure it could be done.  But it would be less effective than using a hammer.  You can use weights for a lot of things, but the thing they are obviously used best for, is getting stronger and building muscle.  So when you are in the gym, do you ask yourself the question above about why you are doing the things you are doing.

"Will this make me stronger?"

In your personal and professional life -

"Will this make me......"


All of us make decisions we regret.  Regret is the outcome of decisions made when you allow your emotions to become unbalanced.  You regret doing something because you are/were......

Too angry?

Too sad?

Too jealous?  

Regret is often centered around situations where negativity takes control and we allow ourself to believe that our actions are justified because we feel jilted.  We feel cheated and wronged.  And it's hard to answer the question of "will this make me better?" with a clear mind when said mind is clouded with animosity and bitterness.  

But to become "better" we must find a way to put aside our animosity and bitterness.  Don't make decisions based on short term self-serving emotional satisfaction, which gives birth to regret.  But on whether or not the decision you make next will make you better.  Not just for today or next month, but for good.  What does it do in terms of your legacy?    

We make thousands of choices each.  From whether or not you will eat breakfast or not, to whether you will train or not that evening.  However, I believe that your life will end up being defined around a few select choices you make.  When it comes to the important stuff I mean.  If you think hard about it, you can probably pin point some of those down right now.  Asking yourself a simple question when you are presented with a situation where you feel wronged, may be the difference in living life with regret or fulfillment.  Just make sure you give the right answer. 


  1. You post up some serious shit and people get all weird and avoid it...typical on my blog too...

    At any rate, I dig what you are saying. And it means something different to everyone. Living in in all mean something different to me until my wife gave birth to our twin boys. Now, it is all relative...I need to be in shape and strong because my boys will be 17 when I am 50. Thats a lot of testosterone being tossed around! I cant let the young bulls get the old bull!

    A far as work/personal life goes: work wise I gave up caring. I make good money, I have excellent benefits. No matter what I do, it will remain the same. The state has been in a budget crunch so all of us managers have been raise free for 3 years. I should be making about 6 more dollars an hour but I sacraficed...thats what you do to be the boss. But if I keep my nose to the grindstone and do what they want, I can retire in 13 years with full benefits and a great pension. It is what it is.

    This blog is fucking great. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Rick. Great follow up and awesome shit.