Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Training - Deadlift

Weight - 245

Deads -
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 3
405 x 3

500 x 1
550 x 1
585 x 1
605 x 1
550 x 4

Shrugs - 405 x 25

Notes - Last deadlift session before the meet and well, it sucked. The 605 wasn't hard but it was no smoke show either.

In retrospect I think the injury hampered my training because I felt like I needed to split my squat and dead up for recovery, but as usual, it worked opposite. If anything I should have just squatted heavy 1 week and pulled light, then squatted light the next week and pulled heavy. I have almost never done well on the dead/bench/squat split. It usually works for me for a few weeks then I get overtrained and start dragging ass. I always do better with squats and deads in the same session. My injury deterred me from that and it has hurt. I am hoping that there will be a rebound from the deload week and I will still get close to 1700.

Was hoping for 6-8 here but had some shakes on #4 so I just cut it off there.

I apologize for the ass shot.


  1. Rough music, Paul. Don't know how you do it. How many weeks (or days) are you out from the meet? Hope you recover and own that platform.

  2. You just scared me with you psych-up-look Paul..

    haha, keep the movies coming, it's good to see a face behind all the great articles etc.

  3. Bigs - I don't see a lot of ownage in my future but I'm going to put it on the line.

    Mark - That's about as animated as I get. I don't do a lot of yelling or dancing or acting like a retard on meth. Guys like Coan didn't either.

  4. I don't like that shit either, but Benedikt magnusson really has the best psyche up ever haha


  5. Yeah it obviously works for him. To each their own. :)

  6. Hey Paul,
    Do you live in MO? I ask because you trained in St Louis a few days ago and I see you are wearing a Chiefs shirt in the video.

  7. I technically live in Kansas. But work sends me to St. Louis sometimes.

  8. Where at in Kansas if you don't mind answering. I live in KCMO North near Liberty.