Thursday, November 4, 2010

Training - Bench

Weight - 244

Close Grip Bench -
135 x 10
225 x 5
275 x 3
315 x 3

345 x 1 paused
365 x 1 paused
390 x 1 paused

335 x 9

Wide Grip - 275x15 ARG!

Side Lateral Machine - 4 sets of 10
Db Curls - 30's x 4 sets of 12
Rope Pushdowns - 4 sets of 10 @ 60 pounds

Notes - Elbows are just wrecked right now.  I know I have a 440-450 close grip in me but the pain in my elbows make it damn near impossible.  Even with the wraps on they hurt.  I am going to see the doc in a few weeks and do about 2 weeks worth or strong anti-inflammatory before the meet.  I think (hope) that will do the trick, at least for the meet.




  1. Careful with the thumb-over grip Paul, we've seen some pretty nasty accidents over the years because of that:


  2. I've been benching like that for a LONG time.

    Funny enough, the only two times I ever had a problem with it was the first time I tried it, and in my first meet. Other than that, no problems.

  3. no spotter......Damn

  4. Have you ever tried stretching your forearms in between sets to try and relieve some elbow pain? Sounds kinda dumb I know but I found it helped pretty significantly if I did it constantly throughout my workout

  5. Doesn't sound dumb at all. Most elbow pain is actually related to the forearm flexors and extensors. And yeah I do, but I'm kind of already at a chronic point so it doesn't help a lot. After this meet I will take some real time off from anything that hurts my elbows. Incline is usually ok for some reason so I may just stick with incline for a long while.