Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Elbow update

So I went and saw my orthopedic today.  He's a smart guy and I trust him.  He helped me get over the constant pec minor pain I had for years, which brought my bench back up consistently over 400.

My elbow is neither tennis nor golfers elbow.  He said the signs are troubling and that because the pain had increased before my bicep rupture he thinks they are related (I believe I wrote about that at the time).

He also said that because elbow extension causes the most severe pain, that I could be sitting on top of a triceps rupture waiting to happen.  I believe that is probably the case.

Since my pain is deep inside the elbow, we didn't do a cort shot today.  He gave me a script for a steroid and an ant inflammatory.  I will run these for the next few weeks and not bench or press heavy to see if the pain subsides.  I believe that it will.  However once again, I will probably have to push my meet out to March.  It's not worth another surgery to me to compete.  It's just not.  I will be smart about this to avoid more injuries and let this thing heal up properly.  Two torn calves, a torn adductor, two torn biceps, and a minor pec tear are enough.  I want to try and make it through 2011 surgery free.

I will keep updates on how things go over the next few weeks.  I will still train my squat and pull, and do a lot of shoulder, trap, and arm work with whatever doesn't cause pain.


  1. Good luck with this bro. You got me beat on the injuries. I've screwed both my calves, both sides of my groin, both hammies both pecs; nothing was ever more than a strain or partial tear though.

  2. Paul,

    2010 hasn't been a good year for you! I hope 2011 will serve you better.. I have only had one major injury (a torn rotator cuff) whichh kept me from making progress for more than a year, so I know what it feels like..

    Good luck, be smart, and get well!


    Mark from Holland

  3. Well all of these weren't this year, however I just don't feel like adding another one of these to the list so soon after my bicep rupture. So I will see how these meds work and if it helps.