Thursday, December 9, 2010

Training - Deadlift

Weight - 245

Week 5's of 5/3/1
Deads -
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 5
365 x 5
425 x 5
475 x 5
425 x 5

Stiff Legs - 365 x 8

Band Pull Aparts - 2 x 20

Notes - A few here.

First off, this was good programming by me.  I spent all day Tuesday and part of the day Wednesday shitting and throwing up with either the flu or a stomach virus.  I was able to walk into the gym tonight and still hit all my reps up and down the week of 5's ladder.

This was HARD yes.  But hard mentally.  I felt tired and fatigued.  However the weights were still easy.  This is pretty much verbatim what Jim said your programming should be.  That you should be able to hit the minimum reps even if you are sick.  I could have done 12 with 475 tonight as the set of 5 was super fast.

So that worked well.  I have a feeling in a couple of weeks when I have to pull 535 for reps it will go really well.

If you notice as I worked back down the ladder I did the last set, 365, as stiff legs.  Why do leg curls when I can go ahead and add a couple of reps to that set and still hit the hams?  Seems like good training economy to me.  On my perceived intensity weeks I will not use this, and only do the top set, after which I will do leg curls.

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