Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weekly Q & A

Leave a name and a question bitches!!!!


  1. Paul,

    Let's say you have someone that's 240lbs, 22% BF, 335/255/355 (SBD); how you you break down his training to get him to 225lbs @ 8% BF, 455/315/455 (SBD) within 1-2 yrs? Would the plan be similar to your "Beastdom" series or would you do something else?

    And yeah it's me. :)

    Merry Christmas!

    Thanks - Matt

  2. First thing I always tell guys is to get into condition first.

    Second, 225 pounds at 8% bodyfat is REALLY jacked. That's not far off from Arnold in his prime type condition, so think about that.

    So unless you've been down to 8% bodyfat it's hard to know how far off that really is. Losing bodyfat always takes some lean muscle with it unless you're using some good supplementation.

    You're also talking about adding over 100 pounds on your squat and 100 to your deadlift in that time. Generally it's hard to gain strength while losing bodyfat because of the calorie deficit.

    So concentrate on getting into bad ass condition first. Eat 3 solid meals a day with a couple of healthy snacks thrown in.

    Squat and deadlift one day, bench, chin/row with dips or whatever on the other day. Concentrate for a year on just getting into bad ass condition while eating GOOD meals. The bodyfat will take care of itself.

    After you are at a point where you feel good about your conditioning/bodyfat level you would switch gears, eat more, lower the conditioning level a bit and more towards getting bigger and stronger.

    Merry Christmas to you too Matt!

  3. Hey Paul,

    Just curious about what you feel personally gives you the biggest bang for the buck supplement wise. Personally i always keep Vit D,C, a mineral supplement some fish oil and some old fashion creatine mono around. The fluff but good stuff is gonna be a intra workout and protein. Anything you feel you can't live without?

    Merry Christmas sir and a toast to a healthy successful new year.


  4. Test.

    But if you don't have that, I'd say h-drol or m-drol if you can find it.

    My position on supplements is if you're going to spend the money, get something that works. Get your nutrition and protein through food. Works best that way.

    If I had to narrow it down to 1 supplement I REALLY think works well, it's X-Tend by Scivation. That stuff REALLY does work well. You will feel it during the workout, no shit. That's not placebo.

  5. Nothing to ask, just wanted to say thanks for all that you do on this site and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  6. I lied, I actually do have a question. I am looking to purchase a new foam roller, any suggestions?

  7. David - Thanks man and same to you. Go to home depot and pick up a PVC pipe. Real cheap and works better. It's tougher at first too however. Be prepared for some pain.

  8. Paul, what are the biggest mistakes/regrets you've made in all your years of training?

  9. Scott -

    Not squatting and deadlifting early enough

    Training like a bodybuilder too much in my early career

    Over analyzing way way way too much

    Trying to major in the minors too much, i.e. focusing on getting strong shit that didn't really matter

    Not leaving enough reps in the tank, and worrying about the big picture rather than trying to find lightening in a bottle

    Worrying about supplements too much rather than solid eating

    Not conditioning enough

    That's just for starters.

    I was smart enough not to buy into the "conjugte" method of training. I thought it looked dumb on paper and well, I was right.

  10. doing some down sets after the work set has helped me a lot but i was wondering how much weigh or % you recomend for this down sets

    or is just better to pick a weight go to failure ?

  11. Well there are quite a few ways to do this.

    A real basic way is to just take a plate off.

    So if the top set was 315, then 225 for reps.

    Or if you're running 5/3/1 you can just use the second set in the percentage scheme.

  12. Paul,

    Just curious, what kind of warmup work would you reccomend for lifters? What do you do?

  13. David -

    On pressing days I do a lot of lat and pec stretching and curls and light pushdowns for elbows.

    On squat and deadlift day I use the hip and glute machine to get loose in there. Both of these usually follow a 10 minute walk around the track or on the treadmill.

    Keep it simple.

  14. Paul,

    What are your thoughts on using barbell complexes for fat loss or strength/muscle gain?

  15. I think you should worry more about just reducing calories for fat loss. Getting into solid condition will take care of the rest.