Thursday, December 23, 2010

Training - Conditioning

Tonight - 25 40 yard sprints @ 80%

Felt great.  Got some plantar fascitis in my right foot but have been using the electrostim at night on it and it feels fine.  When I run I get some pain afterwards but then run the stim on it again, and no problems.


  1. Wow...

    We are the same...believe it or not.

    So the ped. 2 weeks ago for this same thing...she said tendonitis not plantar fascitis...mine hurts in the arch more.

    I have custom orthodics coming...hope it makes a difference.

    Merry Christmas bro!!!!


  2. Merry Christmas to you too Rick. Good luck with your healing as well.

  3. Paul-

    I know you have spoke of hating the winter because it stops your hill sprints. I am in the same boat...central PA gets hit pretty good.

    I have the "Training for Warriors" book by Rooney. He has a good workout in there...get on the treadmill at 10+ % grade and 8+ mph for 15-20 seconds sprints, then do active recvoery for 1-2 minutes doing upper body work like bench, pull-ups, push-ups, med ball, etc. Repeatfor 15-20.

    I am going to try this. I can imagine it is going to suck much worse then a normal hill sprint.

  4. Thanks Rick. Will def give it a shot once the really bad weather hits.