Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Wendler preaches gospel

I've seen guys talking about doing interval training in the morning before they eat.  This is great.....if you want to cannibalize the shit out of yourself.  Sprinting and intervals aren't a lot different than lifting.  So do em after you've had a few meals in.  Not only that but you'll feel better.  

I have talked to two different competitive bodybuilders about doing cardio in the morning vs night and both told me they couldn't tell a damn bit of difference in terms of the condition they got in.  It's still all about calories in vs out.  It's better to get the extra rest than get up early and still be tired.  Get some meals in, get more sleep in, do the conditioning and shit later in the day.  

I don't know which is worse, not being able to get out and do my conditioning as much as I want because winter is here, or the way people drive in the winter, even when there is no snow or ice on the roads.  The cold itself cannot force you off the road.  

2010 was not a good year for me on a lot of personal and professional levels.  But already I feel like there is a turn around going on and I hope it continues.  Sometimes you have to weather the shit storm in order to appreciate everything else around you.  The problem is, because you have no clue when the shitstorm is going to end, it's hard to keep a positive attitude.  For example when you don't get that promotion you have been working your ass off for, just remember that it may not mean you are never going to get it.  It just may mean that your boss is testing how you will react to not getting it.  Stay professional and put your nose back down and get to it.  This has never hurt anyone.  Acting like a first rate ass clown has and always will though.  Trust me.  I have learned that first hand.  

I think in another month or so I might be ready for a new dog.  My birfday is in late January.  Maybe then.  I don't know yet.  We'll see bro.

For the love of God, I have to write this every few months.  Be with someone who WANTS to be with you.  I have had a couple of close friends the last few weeks confide in me that they have been miserable for a long while with their significant other.  Look, exhaust your resources but at some point you have to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are with someone who wants to be with you and you are both wanting to meet each others needs.  If not, move on.  Yes it sounds simple, because in a lot of ways it is.  Don't waste decades of the only life you get trying to make shit work that is headed to hell in a handbasket.  Just let it go.  

The training shit I read about now, wow.  Some of it just....I don't know anymore.  I was watching a video the other day of the guys that train Troy Polamalu out in California.  It's Marv Marinnovich and his training lab out there that he trains with.  Anyway, if it doesn't sound familiar, it's the same group that trained bust Adam Archuleta and made him a first round pick based on his 40 time and vertical essentially.  Nevermind the guy sucked ass as a football player.  In the video one of the trainer talks about how all the strongest weight lifters they had come through there sucked at football and were injured all the time.  And that they didn't have their guys like heavy weights.....


So lemme see, weren't good football players and were injured all the time.  Oh you mean kinda like ADAM ARCHULETA you douche bag?  Troy Polamalu hasn't exactly been some kind of NFL ironman either.  8 seasons he's been playing now and he's only played a full season 4 times.  He could sit out the rest of the season starting this Sunday.  So what's that again?  Your bullshit retarded way of training makes you an awesome athlete and less injury prone?  BULL SHIT.  This is the kind of thing that some idiot watches then runs around telling everyone how lifting weights makes you a poor athlete or injury prone.  Reggie White lifting weights like a mad man and is the greatest defensive lineman of all time.  Jerry Rice lived in the gym.  So do lots of guys.  Tony Mandarich was an injured bust but Bill Romanowski, I don't know if he ever missed any time.  There really is no rhyme or reason why some guys can play forever and never get injured, and some guys are made of glass.  Guys trying to sell snake oil should be treated like witch doctors and avoided.  No one has any training program out there that will magically make you a better athlete.  A lot of hard work in the weight room and practicing your craft is a tried and true formula.  Everything else has too many variables you can't account for.

I'll say it again.  If you haven't been making a lot of progress lately and need a change, try two days a week with 2-3 days of conditioning of some kind.  I managed to keep training through the flu/stomach virus with proper programming on the 5/3/1 template.  

I still haven't seen inception..............I think I'm the only person I know that hasn't.  

Go out of your way to be nice to someone today.  I mean, go out of your way.  Even though it's the holiday season a lot of people are down.  Suicide rates are highest this time of year and a lot of people are down in the shitter.  Try not to be so concerned about your own wants and wishes and do something nice for a total stranger.  A free pay-it-forward if you will.  




  1. Haven't seen inception either. A good friend of mine compared it to Blade Runner and I love Blade Runner so we'll see.

    Paying it forward can be easy. The other day in Wal Mart my wife and I paid for the couple behind us groceries. Their kids were crying really loudly and they were both fighting pretty badly. We did it without asking or telling them. They tracked us down and sent us a thank you note. Pretty cool story...

  2. That's awesome Dave. We need more stories like this.

  3. Inception blueray is on my shelf right now still in the shrink wrap...

  4. Well I'm going to get it today Rick. That's enough! I'm tired of catching crap about it.

  5. Have you seen "The Town"? Fucking bad ass!

  6. I enjoyed your comments on Polamalu's training methods. I am huge steelers fan, so I obviously think Polamalu is amazing. But I do wish he would get off the "bodyweight training" crap. I think the exact same thing every time he gets hurt for a game or two.

    I am sure he did quite a bit of weight training at USC too during college and it didn't seem to hurt him then.

  7. Hi Paul, I think you'll get kick out of this crossfit thread :)

  8. Rick - Dammit that's the movie I wanted to see this weekend but I couldn't remember the name. Will watch it tonight. Thanks.

    Abe - I'm sure Troy did lift at USC.

    Anonymous - To say the least.....

  9. Paul,

    The Town is the shit! I know that you post about music sometimes, a wicked awesome band from Finland is Before the Dawn, melodic death metal goodness...

  10. Gotta throw this thread out there for those who are interested. A lot of the s questions that Paul gets are in this thread. I had a real laugh over this. Love the Rippetoe program, thought it was about as simple as it gets, I was wrong...