Monday, May 20, 2013

Heavy pressing with some PR's

Bodyweight - 265

Incline Press -

365x8 PR
405x1.5 PR

Db Bench - 150's x 9 PR  100's x 25

Flex Machine Rows - 5x15

Notes - Happy with PR's.


  1. Strong ass inclines as usual Paul. Lol'd when you stood up after the 365x8, looked like you were staring somebody down like "fuck with that son."

  2. Hot Dog! Good stuff, Carter.

    Also these videos are just what I wanted to comment about. Personally, I am a big fan of DB bench pressing, high volume. I only own and work with a pair of 50lbers and 100lbers. I alternate the weights per week.

    My best to date is
    50lbers x 86 (plus more work sets)
    100 x 15 (plus more work sets)

    I see you can bench 100 for 25,and 150 for 9. That's solidddd! No doubt! Frankly how much carry-over do you believe there is? I feel like I benefit much more from dumbbells than barbells. It seems to carry over well. But apair of 100s is only 200lbs and a pair of 150 is 300lbs. While these may be lower intensities compared to your 1-rep max---how much do you think you could benefit if you were to ante' up the reps/volume (I am just speaking of dumbbells on a bench day) I can see you did a shitload of volume this day. After all you've been preaching about building up the stength pinnacle with lower intensity-higher rep training. The same holds true for dumbbells, no? AKA if you did worked up to doing 150lb dumbbell pressing for 1x25 without much focus on benching, wouldn't you think your bench would climb as well?

    1. Carryover? Not sure, I do know that the db's don't bother my pec tendons or elbows as much as the bar. So if I'm not in a peaking cycle I like to use em.

      From a 1RM perspective what I have read and heard many times is that it's roughly 80% of your bar weight.

      so 150x2 = 300

      300 is 80% of 375. So that does seem about spot on for a good night for me. 375x8 or so would be about right.

      I may do more volume work with db's soon and not go as heavy. I do love the reps.

    2. That does sound about right. I'm the same way--DB benching actually works my chest & tris harder without messing up my shoulders and joints. I'm planning on really stickin with db benching for a while and see how much overall carry-strength there is when I bench with a barbell. I really do want to build up my bench press max utilizing DBs. Of course, I am not going to be stupid and completely ditch barbell benching. If my barbell benching seem to be moving with more oomph, I'll keep you posted.

      FYI--Doug Hepburn once noted that if you could regulary do a 2-hand clean with a pair of 140lb dumbbells---Then even a 300lb barbell will seem ridiculously easy to clean. I do not see why it could not be applied to the bench as well.

  3. You've probably answered this before but what brand of wrist wraps do you use?