Sunday, May 5, 2013

My new article at elitefts

Being strong


  1. Paul,

    Your humble attitude and openness are what I enjoy most about your writing.

    I come from a family that's "been through some shit", and even though I'm only 25, I can completely understand where you're coming from when you talk about the exhaustion that comes from putting up walls and acting like nothing can make you stumble because you're supposedly "strong and bulletproof".

    'The truly strong man knows how to lift his hand, not only to strike a fatal blow but to also say, “Please help me up; I can’t do this on my own.”' . . . .perfectly said, indeed.

    Thanks for all you do; it doesn't go unnoticed.

  2. thank you paul, this was heaven sent, the day before someone very close to me is hoping to kill them self, i lost someone to suicide before, now i can prevent it, thank you.

  3. One of the most moving things you've ever written, Paul. It's articles like this that I come back to every now and again to keep me in line.

    It's weird how when shit hits the fan you gradually drift away from your "code" before you realise what's happening.

    1. I did it recently. Not a nice feeling when you step back and realize what a dick you are, ha.