Thursday, May 30, 2013

More 365 success!

Mr. Carter-
Thought I would throw another success story your way. When I started in January, I was 198 pounds with an everyday DL max of 475. I’m in the 4th week of the conditioning peaking phase and I had one of the best DL sessions of my life at 5 am this morning. Your 365 states to go by feel for this phase and for some reason I felt good today after a subpar 2 weeks where I needed to program very low. I programmed much higher today & pulled 460 off the ground with a lot left in the tank, and this was with me weighing in at 173. It was really hard not to keep going, but I called it good after this.

This was a huge victory for me. I lifted at a suboptimal time, I’m 25 pounds lighter, & in a phase where my strength is naturally supposed to take a step back. Everything about this says I should be weaker, but the reality is that my front squat & DL are both better in absolute & relative strength at this point, while my close-grip bench is higher in relative strength.

Thanks again for the knowledge. With your direction I’ve made better strides in my training than I ever have in the past 10 years.

Court Grady


  1. Yeah, dude. Normally I do not post on other people's success stories--but for real, that was awesome! Nice going, Grady.

    And I agree with you! There is nothing cooler than busting out a big PR when you're dieting, leaning out, and supposed to be weaker.

    I'm currently trying to take myself from 210 to....who knows. Probably around 170-180lbs. So, keep up the hard work.