Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to deal with and understand women

Wrote it in my Facebook page for fun.  Enjoy it, or don't.  I don't care.........

1. Listen - Women talk more than men by a fairly wide margin (except me, I out talk most women). Most of the time they don't want your solutions, they just want to be heard. Be sympathetic to their concerns. After she's done if she feels like you simply paid attention to her, it will endear her to you. So just be a good listener. This also means not talking about yourself too much. Women really walk to talk about themselves.....A LOT. Just get used to it.

2. Don't compare her or talk about ex's - JFC, just don't ever do it. You think she wants to hear about how "Mindy was always doing X,Y,Z for me." In a good or bad way, it's in poor taste. Act like she's the only one ever by never speaking of another woman you had relations with. If she asks about her, respond by saying "Who?" Respond with "who?" twice actually. This is even better. Then go "oh oh oh, yeah shit, I forgot about her. I don't even remember anything about her to be honest."

3. Be a challenge by maintaining some control - Women get bored with ankle grabbers who just take it. Whatever she wants, you give it her. This causes a tilt in power in the relationship, and if you've read anything about women, you know they love confident men who are in charge. How the hell can you be a challenge or take charge when you let her dominate every facet of your life? This doesn't mean be an asshole. I've covered that.

Most guys end up letting a girl dominate the relationship because they are so scared they will lose her if they say "boo" to her about shit. They are afraid to tell her "no, I'm not going to see that chic flick." Weak fucking sauce. This is a nice recipe for letting her abuse you. Just give your testicles up at this point. Being a challenge means just maintaining your manhood and letting her know you're your OWN man. They like this.

4. Learn her love language - Lots of guys say shit like "man I bring her flowers, I take her to dinner" etc. But that may not be the things that makes her feel loved or special in the relationship. She may want you to not leave your god damn shoes in the living room every evening, or she may want you to clean up to house sometimes so that she doesn't have to do it. She may want you to tell her how beautiful she is, even when she has fuzzy hair and no make up. The point is, you can't REALLY make her feel special until you learn what the fuck it is that does that. Learn what that is by asking, straight out. "What are the things I do that make you feel awesome?" When you learn what that is, don't over do it either. Do it, but do it at times when she needs it the most. Winning.

5. Fulfill her needs sexually by reducing your ego - I know I know, every dude reading this is a porn star and plows it with the force of 1,000 Vikings. Whatever. You're not as good as you think you are. Or at minimum, there's lots of room for improvement. Similar to learning her love language, you need to understand that women don't often tell us about our short comings in bed because they feel we have fragile sexual egos. I think if you're honest with yourself, you'll realize this. You probably don't want to be told you're not a combination of Rocco and Peter North in the sack. Talk about sex openly, and get to know the things she needs the most. The last thing you want is your woman straying because you can't put your ego aside long enough to really understand how to make her toes curl over and over again.


  1. That was a fun read!

    To point 1: you`re not the only one! ;)
    to point 5: you`re sooo right!

    Good luck with all the women in your life and keep on your great work!

  2. Damn it ! Is pete not working with you anymore ? I saw him maxing his squat on facebook. God ! Cant that kid stick with a coach for 2 weeks.

    1. We're still working together he just fell off the wagon. Next week is deload and then we start meet peaking.