Saturday, May 4, 2013

Last assistance day

Last real assistance day done.

Barbell rows, no straps - up to 315x8

Good mornings - up to 205x12

Shrugs - 315x2x20

Bodyweight was 253 when I rolled out of bed this morning, so I'm now in great shape to make weight. Only about 10-11 pounds to cut which should be fine.

I was 261 Monday. All I did was cut carbs this whole week to get down to 253 by today. Nothing more. I think I did 1 day of steady state for 20 minutes.

This has been a very trying few months in my life. We all have these, I make no bones about the fact that shit has been rough. I haven't slept well in months save for a night here and there. These are not built in excuses in case I do not do as well as hoped, just making a point of the fact that sometimes life doesn't line up all pretty when you need it to. You still press on, you still get your work in and let the chips fall where they may.

Work is done. I will do a light squat, bench, and pull Tuesday. When I say light I mean like 225x5 for each.

Looking forward to my massages today and Tuesday.


  1. Paul,

    I wish you only the best brother. After reading this blog everyday for the last 6 or 8 months I got some cyber-sentimental value for you. It's never as fun to have to do shit the hard way but it's more inspirational for those of us reading about it here.

    Keep on pushing through. Whatever struggles you are going through I hope you find the feeling of accomplishment at the end of this chapter.

    A lot of people who you never met or probably never will meet are pulling for you, and that's pretty fucking cool.

    Thanks for this blog and letting us get a glimpse of the journey. I hope you get as much out of it as you have put into it.


    1. Thanks brother. I really appreciate that.

    2. Aye,

      Same token with Brad on this one. Whenever I need to expand my consciousnesses, I come here.

      The stars will be aligned just right while you lift.

      Hail and kill.


  2. It was fun as hell watching how you adapted your programming as you went. Feeling like crap? Get the work in. Feeling fantastic? Get the work in. It was interesting to see the kind of rep schemes you were running. Are you going to go into further detail about your meet prep in your future e-book?

    1. Yes. I'm also currently helping Pete Rubish with his programming for his next meet using the same principles as well.

    2. Very cool you are helping Rubish, I've been following his YouTube's for awhile. Amazing how far you can go simply pushing the limit every session for years. Will be exciting to see how he progresses with a different approach.You the man Carter.

  3. Paul,

    How many power lifters have you trained for meets?

    Any of your past students/clients/friends have the type of potential Rubish has?

    For being relatively young it seems like a mature decision to pretty much reverse his training principles and follow yours.

    I feel like having a kid like that to work with is like when Freddie roach got a hold of pacman or Cus when he found Tyson.

    1. I trained lots. Both personally and through here.

      Pete can do big things, he just has to stay healthy.

  4. Well from what I seen of him on YouTube he trains like a fucking maniac.....not exactly inviting injury but the closest thing to it.

    I'm excited to see how he progresses through your mentoring. I wonder if he knows how fortunate he is to have your input.

    I wish you guys lots of success and a good time doing it.

    If you both dont mind letting us follow his progress keep us posted along the way. Really interested to see how you guys click and the results.

    Take care.....or should I say... "KILL IT!!"

  5. Mr. Carter:

    Been following your blog for some months now. Can't say vehemently enough how much I hope you have a great meet and see as many of your expectations fulfilled as you deserve. I think it is true you get from life in proportion as you give, and I've always been amazed of how much you were giving, in terms of experience, savvy and even wisdom, not only about training but about being a man in general. I'm sure we are legion the anonymous fans who are rooting for you right now, and I'm sure your results will vindicate all the effort you have been sharing, in plain sight, all these months. Very inspiring and a great source of ideas for my own trainig.
    All the best