Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More of these........

Sorry I can't help it.  Always makes me feel good to know I have helped someone achieve something in some way, shape, or form.

Hey Paul,
Just wanted to send you a quick message thats part thanks/part question.

Just had my first meet in about a year after cutting down from 92kg -> 82kg then eating my way back up to 88.5kg (perhaps a bit fast unfortunately) while using big-15 which garned me a ton of compliments on my increased size.

Leaving it a bit late on the way back up I only had time to implement your short strong-15 before my meet and since I had lost a bit of strength on my cut, I wasn't really sure what my maxes would be, but I did have a couple of goals. Get back to near my squat PR of 200kg, and deadlift 250 (previous PR 237.5kg though I pulled an easy 232kg @ 82.5kg right at the end of my diet, so i felt like this could be an attainable goal)
So I wanted to see how light I could program while still hitting my numbers, I programmed in 180kg squat, 108 bench (huge weak spot for me, and makes up my question later on) and 250kg DL, as the numbers that the cycle spat out looked attainable and come meet day I would see how I go.
First 2 weeks were pretty good, but after week 3 I thought that perhaps I had programmed marginally high, so I dropped my Squat & DL numbers by 10kg, which meant that I basically repeated week 3 in week 4. 

Had some quad issues around this time that kept me from doing anything other than the prescribed singles but I still managed to hit the numbers and my DL workouts were going amazingly well.
Squat warms ups felt good, a couple of dry needling sessions and a ton of foam rolling had fixed my quad and I hit an easy opener at 170kg (my highest squat in training being 167kg) Went to 185kg for the next one and smoked it but it was a bit high and got red lighted. Decided that I was feeling really good so I took (what I felt at the time) to be a shot at a fairly heavy final lift @ 195kg and just totally destroyed it. Without a doubt I had an all time PR in me that day, after not squatting within 30kgs of the number in months. 

Bench I hit my opener then took too big a jump for my second and missed my next two attempts.

Before the deadlift I was pretty exhausted but as I started warming up 140kg was almost flying over my head so I thought this could be a good day.

Destroyed my opener @ 230kg, which was noticeably easier than in training 2 weeks before. Took 242.5 for my second (5kg PR) and it moved like a rocket and then I realized I had a real shot at the 250kg DL which had been only a pipe dream for me.
Didn't just get it up, be pretty much destroyed it. Couldn't wipe the smile off my face after the lift. 275kg immediately became my next goal the second I saw three white lights.


  1. Hell yes ! I heard you are working with Pete Rubish , I am so happy he is one of my favorite lifters but I knew they way he was programming was going to give him trouble. I was hoping you to would connect ! Awesome

    1. Yes I'll be helping Pete up to his next meet. I think Pete can really hit some big numbers if he can put his youtube ego aside and save his big ones for the meet.

  2. Hey Paul !!!you have done a good job really.How had you maintained your diet chart and workout during this period?Have you use any kind of whey protein,
    protein shakes,casein protein
    ?share with us all about that so that we can make our routine more healthy.Thanks!!!!