Monday, June 14, 2010

Movie Review of the Week - Shrek Forever After

So I took another chance with a "kids" movie and hauled the family off to the theater to check out the new Shrek flick. I like the Shrek franchise because it's family friendly but has enough adult humor underneath that I enjoy it as well.

We checked this one out in 3-D and aside from the opening scene where the horses run through the movie theater, I don't remember being blown away by any 3-D stuff like I was with How To Train Your Dragon. So the 3-D stuff was no where near as eye catching this time around.

I also wasn't as lucky with the crowd this time as last time either. There were plenty of crying babies and kids up and down the aisles. It wasn't so distracting that I didn't enjoy the movie but I most definitely could have done without it.

(Slight spoilers below)

Anyway in this Shrek, Rumpelstiltskin is involved and there is kind of a prequel sequence to start the movie. Rumpel is ticked about how things turned out and when the opportunity arises he strikes at his chance for revenge.

I personally thought the message in the movie was great. At times we end up focusing all of the negatives in our life, or perceived negatives, and allow them to dictate how we end up feeling on a daily basis. Shrek falls into this trap and into the belief that the grass was always greener. He pays dearly for this and finally comes to appreciate the "nuances" that are associated with being surrounded by people who truly care about you. I really appreciated what they did with the story line there.

As for laughter, don't expect a ton. I don't remember laughing a whole lot but I did enjoy the movie, and of course just getting out and spending time with the family.

Two thumbs up for Shrek Forever After.

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