Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Training - Week 2 / Phase 1 - Preparatory Phase

08Jun10 - Back/Biceps

weight - 240

Seated Pulldown Ab Machine - up to 190 x 17

Neck - 1 plate x 40

Db Rows - 60 x 20, 90 x 10, 120 x 25

I have done the 140's for more than 25. I hate the dumbbells at this gym. They are the kind with the bump in the middle of the handle. So it's like a thick bar grip for your pinkey and ring fingers, which are weak. I guess that's good to work on but it sucks from an actual lifting standpoint.

Chins - bodyweight x 10,7,5

Machine Preacher Curls - 130 x 6, 110 x 5

Cardio - 12 minutes on treadmill @ 4.5 mph

Notes - Overall good session.

Eating for the day -

Breakfast - breakfast wrap with 4 egg whites, 3 slices of turkey bacon and cheese

Lunch - 8 ounces of chicken breast, jasmine rice, salad, and 3 musketeers. Yes I ate a candy bar.

around 3 p.m. monster energy drink

5 p.m. - preworkout 4 ounces of oatmeal with raisins, 2 scoops of myofusion

7:30 p.m. - 2 scoops of myofusion

9:00 p.m. - grilled pork chops, salad


  1. Forgive me if you have addressed this in another area.
    For your db rows you said you did 60x20 90x10 then 120x25.
    My question is you did 60x20, was that to get some blood flowing throughout your back?
    Why then the 90x10? Then 120x25? I'm just trying to get an understanding of your rep range.

    I've talked to you on kffl before, you are very informative and you have a great site here.

  2. My warm ups are fairly instinctive now. If I need a lot of warm ups, I will do a lot. If I get warm fast, I just do a few. For example tonight on bench I did 135x20, then 225 x a few and went right into my singles (315,335,365).

    Some nights if my elbows or shoulders won't feel good, so I might do 135 x 20 and then 135 x 10, and then 225 for two sets as well. I might even do 275 for a few if I still am not feeling it, or I might just shut it down at that point.

    I always have a plan when I lift, however life and training isn't perfect so you should always be willing to be flexible in your plan when shit isn't perfect.

    So basically, I did 60x20, and 90x10 first because that's what I felt like I needed before I went to my top set. Long answer, but I felt like it was worth explaining.