Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random thoughts about training, life, crap, and stuff - short version(s)

Bacon doesn't make EVERYTHING taste better.  Just stop.  Bacon F'n ice cream?  I'd rather take a javelin throw into my taint than eat bacon flavored ice cream.

Peanut butter however, does.............

You can do bodyweight work everyday and get really F'n good at it.  So long as it doesn't cause you joint pain, go for it.

People on cell phones always drive like shit.  Yes, even you.

I haven't watched a movie at home in a while.  I have Layer Cake sitting on the table right now and can't get it up enough to put it in the DVD player.

I am addicted to coffee now.  I think I drink 3 pots a day at least.

Get the new Splenda with the 1 gram of fiber per packet in it.  It actually does taste better than regular Splenda.

Training is not going as good as planned, but sometimes that happens.  You suck it up and man up about it.

Carwin is going to wreck Lesnar.  And I can't wait.

Monkeys are funny.


  1. Paul,

    I have you tied at about 3 pots a day. I've always wondered what, if anything, it's doing to my training. Not sure about having the nerves constantly lit up. Tough vice to break though.

  2. I was wondering the same lately but I haven't noticed anything good or bad, and even with my insomnia I've been sleeping just fine. Well ok not "fine" but haven't noticed any real difference. As you say, it's a tough vice to break. Funny enough, I hated coffee a few years ago. Now I drink it like water.

  3. Paul, two things.

    One, Layer Cake is a good movie. Little arrogance, not too stylish(god bless Guy Richie, I like his movies but he sometimes becomes his own cliché).
    If you like that one, also see Sexy Beast.

    Two, I have mentioned this on the P&B Board: I have immense neck pain after overhead pressing and pretty much all upper body training. What to do?

    (longer explanation including things I have already done and answers from members, here:

  4. RE neck pain: I would go in and see a doctor about that to make sure you don't have any disk issues. If that gets ruled (hopefully) out I would start with some massage therapy like deep tissue massage in that area. Maybe once a week for a month. I did this for my IT band when it was in the worst shape and it helped immensely.

  5. Already done. No issues. Been getting steady treatment now for over a month. (I live in Europe) Just came back from a session and it helps, but seemingly only temporarily.

    Just today, though, I found a few strengthening exercises that seem to help a lot. Static planks against a wall in all directions. You know, leaning with your forehead, the sides and the back for 15-30 seconds.


  6. Finally someone who agrees with me on Carwin vs. Lesnar. Also, do you have any suggestions on improving pullup numbers?

  7. Carwin is going to crush Lesnar.

    Do chins 3-4 times a week. Don't train to failure and mix up your grip. I think Harry Selcow recommended something like 10 sets of 3, then 10 sets of 5, then 6x5 weighted.

    I have done well using some 5x5 on weighted chins to a top set. I am going to do some ladders starting next week. Chins do well with them being trained often. What I would do is a get a chin bar and put it in a doorway that you walk through often. Everytime you walk underneath it, do X amount of chins. Call it your chin mistletoe.

  8. Hi Paul,

    I have broken a rib and am trying to work out how I can best train arond it.

    I just wondered if you'd trained anyone with a similar injury and if you had any advice as hospital said will take up to 10 weeks to heal and obviously I don't want to not train for that length of time.

    I currently train using 5/3/1 and push conditioning hard - hills, boyweight circuits, complexes etc.

    My own ideas to train around this at the moment are bodyweight squats, lunges, bulgarian sq, back ext and hard stationary cycling for the lower body and then whatever machines don't cause too much pain for the upper body. I also plan to use this time to work on lower body flexibility. I'll try the big barbell lifts and if not too painful will push as heavy as I can.

    If you have a moment to offer any advice I'd really appreciate it.


  9. Dan,
    I haven't dealt with broken ribs before. Sorry to hear about your injury.

    You didn't say if your breathing was inhibited at all by the rib, but judging by what you wrote here, I am assuming it isn't hampering your conditioning work. Correct me if I am wrong there.

    In the grand scheme of things, 10 weeks is no big deal. Use that time to take your conditioning to a new level if this is possible without it bothering your rib.

    Continue down the road of doing movements that don't cause you any pain. Drop anything that does. If you can't get stronger during this period then improve on things you suck at that you can do. As you noted, work on flexibility, conditioning, prehab work like cuff exercises. Hell get your calves bigger.

    Point is, take this time out to bring up weak areas that you tend to neglect in favor of the big stuff. Try to turn it into a positive.

    Best of luck!

  10. thanks for the reply Paul, I appreciate it - you've given me some good ideas there.


  11. I totally agree that peanut butter makes everything taste better. I have a theory that the addition of peanut butter or cheese will make any food better. Pb or Ch + Fd= Aw. Peanut Butter or Cheese plus Food equals Awesome.

  12. I'm not sure on cheese but I'd almost buy it. Cheese on fruit is a hard sell.