Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thoughts about life, training, crap and stuff

Meet prep started this week and I'm super duper (yes I wrote super duper you ahole) motivated about training.  I took the last 6-8 weeks or so just cruising and taking it pretty easy and my elbow(s) feel the best they have in a while.  I don't know how long it will last but I am enjoying it right now.

Southern California is an awesome place.  The first night I was there I spotted a Bentley parked in front of the hotel.  I almost took a pic of it, but glad I didn't.  Everyday I would see 20-30 Bentley's a day, Ferrari's, Aston Martin, Phantoms, Lambos, and just about anything you can think of.  The average looking women are hot everywhere else, and the hot women there come from some hot alien woman planet.  If I were single I'd move there even if I could only get a job as a janitor.

The average SoCal woman

First week into my meet prep and I'm still not finished tweaking my program.  Luckily for me I don't have to bench, squat, or dead until Thursday.  I've been going back and forth on a couple of principles that I know work, however implementing them properly into each phase makes me have serious OCD about it.  I'm trying not to develop paralysis by analysis but I may be failing.

I'm a very forgiving person.  That's not a "look how great I am" statement.  If someone comes to me with a sincere apology, I always forgive them for their wrong doing.  We all F up.  I don't know if there is anything more depressing than to have wronged someone and sincerely want them to forgive you for it, and they won't.  I often wonder if these people have ever experienced real loss in their life.  Because people that I know that also forgive like I do, have experienced loss, and know how foolish it is to carry around a grudge about things that don't really matter.  As long as bones weren't broken or a bank account hacked, you should really examine what it is you're holding a grudge about.  People do stupid shit.  We're all wired with a stupid shit gene regarding something.  Show some love from time to time to someone who wronged you in a way that really is forgivable.

Forgiving someone will make BOFF of you feel better.

All year if I am not training for a meet I plan out all the various awesome splits I will use in preparation for said meet.  Then it comes time to really train and I go back to my bread and butter.  Squat and dead on one day, pull back shit on one day, and bench on one day.  It's got me by the balls and I can't get away from this split.  I guess I like it.  When I get closer to the meet sometimes I will drop the back and biceps day.

Jim how long are you going to grow that freaking beard?  I bet that thing smells like you have the butthole of a dead rhino trapped in it.  I know you're not getting any trim with that thing.

I really need to get back to playing music.  I have been missing that more lately and I'm not sure why.  I wouldn't mind taking piano lessons either.  I love to play instruments and wish I were independently wealthy just so I could take guitar/bass/piano/violin/jazz flute lessons everyday.  I always thought it would be awesome to be able to walk into any type of bar/club where a band was playing and pick up any and every instrument they had and be able to level the place with it.

Ron could play the hell out of some jazz flute.

My diet has been atrocious for weeks, and I'm leaner and feel better than ever.  I have no explanation for this at all.

I am positive I will be moving in the next couple of years.  I hate the midwest now.  The weather sucks, traffic sucks, there is no ocean, no real place to party, full of uptight and snotty people (in Johnson County anyways).  Nothing worse than living in the land of the thousand dollar millionaire, as we call the snobs of Johnson County.  I'm thinking Arizona but I'm keeping my options open.

I'm finally finding some new music.  Melodic death metal is apparently my flavor right now and I'm digging some Disarmonia Mundi at the moment.  The term melodic and death metal always make me chuckle.  Jumbo shrimp, that kind of thing.

I still haven't seen Avatar.  :::Shrugs:::

I can't wait on that new Karate Kid.  I hope Jet Li shows up and kills Jackie Chan and Will Smith's kid via Patrick Swayze Roadhouse throat rip in the script, but I bet that doesn't happen.  A man can dream though.

What is it with Sex and the City and women?  I've never seen a single episode but something about a 52 year old slut running around banging everything makes me cringe.  I wish I had more women followers that way this would get a rise out of them.  Women, for the most part, have the most awful taste in movies.  I want to get rich and write and direct a chic flick.  Here is how it goes.............(chic flicks only have a few plots)

Set in 1984 in New York, Dude and Chic work in the same office
Dude is secretly in love with chic but he's not top shelf material and she is, so she doesn't notice him
Dude saves Chic from getting ran over because she's chasing some papers that fell from her briefcase and were blowing across the busy street.
Chic finally notices Dude.
Chic dates "mindless morons" who are good looking and have millions but that doesn't do it for her
Chic and Dude end up having coffee together and she realizes he's really super cool
However Chic keeps dating "mindless morons" but finds herself thinking about Dude the whole time
Dude sees she keeps dating mindless morons and now decides he won't bother with her and is all PMS'd up
Dude gets a promotion and the company moves him across the country to L.A.
Chic realizes she's in love with him and boards a plane to L.A.
Chic tracks down Dude where she tells him she's in love with him
Dude and Chic decide to get married on the spot and find a Chapel.
Dude and Chic say their vows and kiss.
Dude and Chic exit the Chapel to find an overly muscular guy waiting near their car in the parking lot.
Overly muscular guy asks Chic if her name is Sarah Connor.
Chic says yes and Overly muscular guy pulls out a scoped .45 and drills em both in the parking lot.
The End

Please God let the terminator start showing up at the end of chic flicks

This weekend my wife of 14 years turns 34.  I just wanted that to be public since she acts like I'm Moses because I'm 35.

Rampage clearly had ring rust and wasn't at his best.  I look forward to Shogun destroying Rashad and next month Shane Carwin pummeling Lesnar.  I'm stoked about that.

I am thinking about not doing my back off sets with the actual back squat and using hack squats for it.  This would keep me doing singles only for the squats then using the hacks as my squat assistance movement.  I've never done hacks because all of those hack machines kill my knees.  However I am at a new gym and the one they have does not hurt, so I'm anxious to give em a shot.