Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Strong-15 Reloaded

Now that it's been long enough, I'm starting to get a lot of positive feedback about the programs, and mainly the strong-15 program.  Lots of guys are starting to hit PR's and learn a little bit about proper programming in order to make that happen.  

But there is always room for improvement.  

So over the next few months I will be writing a reloaded version of the Strong-15.  

Some of the things I will be covering.........

Using the strong-15 with a hypertrophy phase
Using a block deadlift phase
Squatting and Pulling on the same day 
My squat sucks
My bench sucks
My deadlift sucks
Factoring in pre-hab work
Assistance exercises 
Conditioning during pre-meet phases

.....and a bunch of other shit.  

This will not be done for a while because as usual, I will not tell you about something unless I have tried it out myself.  The block deadlift phase is something I have already started programming and I absolutely believe it's going to kick ass.  For us shitty deadlifters I feel like this will help get over that deadlifting hump.  

I have no idea when this will be completed but expect it maybe sometime after my next meet.  Where I intend to go 1800 beltless at 242.  

Stay tuned.  


  1. Sounds good on the new version.
    PC, I am currently trying to nail a big deadlift pr before spring when I will be joining the father ranks, which is awesome, but I know will slow down progress for bit, to say the least.
    I am thinking about programming it out like a meet, and using the strong15, which I bet you endorse. My question - how would you prep for that run? Recently have been pushing my 2RM once a week and almost to my 1rm there, think I have a little more in that style before running it dry. Thanks.

  2. Take a week off, then approach it like a meet. 11-12 week out, program an opener, a second, and third attempt.

  3. Thanks -
    Also, for someone whose primary interest is in just the DL, would you allow for any changes in planning strong15? Maybe a more optimistic goal could be reasonable if pushing the other lifts weren't planned.
    Or if it was a dl focus, would you recommend something from your "How I added 100lbs to my deadlift" piece - sorry for grilling ya!

  4. If the deadlift is your only focus then yes. Front squat, deadlift, block deadlift, shrug, row, and do quality good mornings. I also recommend the elevated stiff legs I did for my last meet.

  5. Sorry if you get asked this over and over again but how do you go about deciding an opener, second attempt, and third attempt? Say I have a 455 current max deadlift, am I'm going for a slight PR on the second and going for broke on my third? Or is it percentage based?

  6. Paul, how long did it take you to bench 4 wheels?

  7. Justin - Initially about 6 years but I suffered several separated shoulders and it wasn't until about 3 years ago that my bench started to come back. Mainly from moving my grip in and adjusting to that. My shoulders have been fine since.

    Anonymous - There are two trains of thought...

    Go for a small PR on the 2nd attempt, then a bigger one on the third. Or go 85%, 93%, 100%. With 100% being what you are shooting for. The other two %'s are based off that 100%.

  8. paul this is awesome man, finally a raw lifter giveing advice and help, i cant wait for this dude!!!

  9. There are lots of good raw guys out there that offer a lot of great advice, but it does often get muddled in with geared style training, or a lot of raw guys train way too much like geared guys.

  10. Hey PC:

    I have quit benching. Fucking hurts my shoulder, and in our Oly gym we don't have a bench. I've just said 'Fuck it.' You know what? I don't miss it, either. Overhead pressing is the tits.

    Given my 'take no prisoners' attitude to this extremely important issue, can your re-loaded version of Strong-15 contain some suggestions for those eliminating benching entirely?

    I'm not asking you to re-write the whole damn thing, I'm just saying, maybe a few tips like, "If you're replacing benching with overhead pressing, increase volume by 5-10%" or something--I don't know, that's just an example.

    Also, I'd like to point out how fun it is to lift in a gym where you just have racks and platforms. You don't have a choice of what to do, so you just fucking kill it with your squats and pulls and presses. There aren't many options, so you just get really good at a few things. Plus, I hate having to think in the weight room. I spend all day hunched over a stat textbook--I want the weightroom for listening to music, grab-assing with teammates, and squatting.

    Can't thank you enough for all the content you provide and (usually immediate) feedback you give.

    take care

  11. Awesome news. Will those of us that have purchased the programs have to pay additionally for the strong 15 reloaded?

  12. Dan,
    It's going to be a whole new e-book, so yes. It won't be out for some time. As I noted, I need to test some of the theories out myself.

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