Saturday, November 26, 2011

Training - Shrugs and arms

Weight - 235

Hammer Machine Shrugs - 
1 PPS (plate per side) x 8
2 PPS x 8
3 PPS x 8
4 PPS x 8
5 PPS x 8
6 PPS x 8
7 PPS x 8
8 PPS x 8

Cable Upright Rows - up to the stack x 12

Machine Curls - 170 x 8,3,2 r/p style
Dip Machine - stack x 20,12
Rope Extensions - 70 x 10,10

Notes - Solid 80%.  I am also working on an article about developing your raw bench and some of the ups and downs I have gone through with that lift as well.  


  1. cant wait for the article

  2. Look like a solid session. I will be anxiously awaiting the bench article because I'm a terrible bencher

  3. i cant wait to read the bench article! since i recently used your recommendations and your articles found on this blog i'm benching bigger than ever with a 325lb bench at 226 and i easily had another 10lbs in me! doing my next meet in march and this one will be a full one.

  4. high frequency training at the moment paul?

  5. Just for a couple more weeks.

    This all has a long term plan. I'm not just winging it. It will become more apparent in the future.

  6. ETA on that article Paul? Definitely looking forward to that. Really enjoyed the military press article.

  7. Awesome vid on the bench set-up Paul, thanks for making it.

  8. I need to make that private until the article comes out. lol