Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff

My hands are fucking destroyed from all of the shrugs yesterday.  I mean they are trashed.  I ripped two callouses off and the other ones don't feel so hot either.  Not really bitching, just more or less stating that if you plan on doing 20+ sets of shrugs, know you're going to deal with some torn up hands.

Man I gotta make sure I never bet on UFC fights.  I still say that some ring rust played a part in that fight, but JDS just looks like a beast right now.  His hands are really fast and his take down defense is very good.  I don't think he's going to be able to start like that with Overeem however.

beasting right now

Jamie Lewis and I are doing a roundtable discussion today.  I can't find any good audio to text software so if anyone has an ideas, let me know.  If I can't hit on any, then you'll just have to be patient until we get the whole thing transcribed.  Either way, it should be a great discussion.  Jamie and I have completely different training methods but similar mental approaches about training.  

Should be interesting!

I have eaten way too much shit over the last 3 days.  I gotta clean everything up starting today.  No excuses.

Been pushing sled on Sundays and I can tell ya, it's god damn brutal.

After this yoke phase, I am going to go into a strength and mass phase for a while, then start some meet prep.  I will be competing in the 242's.  No more 275's for me.  I am not giving up my conditioning anymore.  I'd rather be in condition and total 1600-something than be out of shape and total 1800+.  It just isn't worth it to me.  Besides, I think I can still go 1750 or more totally raw at 242 anyway.  I just need to get leaner.  "Leaner Paul?  That doesn't make any sense."  Sure it does.  All part of the plan.

Modern Warfare 3 is awesome so far.  If there are any 360 gamers on here, I'm PLCJ58.  Send me a friend request.  I'm pretty beast (if my connection isn't 3 bar!) so don't worry.  I usually have two other dudes I game with most of the time.

Can't wait for some Thanksgiving!  I love Thanksgiving food.  I can eat a mound of dressing and that cranberry sauce.  I'm drinking a pumpkin flavored coffee right now, and it's fucking yummo.

Lot of good reports are starting to pour in about the strong-15 program for guys.  Lots of guys kicking ass with it, for meets and just to get stronger.  I think I am going to tinker with it so that it has an option for a block deadlift phase with speed pulls.  But before I do I will actually run it myself.  I am positive with all of the block pulls I have done in the past I can work in a programmed block deadlift phase with great results.  I will probably do this for my next meet.

I also think I may work in an offseason version of the strong-15 so that you can focus on hypertrophy blocks with it as well.  So after a meet, you would run the LRB template, the strong-15 hypertrophy template, then go into meet prep.  Before I recommended the big-15 but the strong-15 is getting such strong reviews that I may just focus on perfecting that for a while.


  1. Might be a good idea to just post the raw audio from the discussion. Would make it easier on you so you don't have to transcribe and would be a change of pace by having something to listen to instead of read

  2. dear paul, i have ps3 so sucks we cant gun it out on mw3, the clay guida vs ben henderson fight was crazy, .. i wanted to ask you can a 152 lb with stats of sq,bp,dl (265.185.335) be ready for strong-15 for year round training? or am i not strong enough to start it. i wrestle as well so im trying to stay in my weight class and just get stronger but what do you think am i ready to take up the strong 15?

  3. "I also think I may work in an offseason version of the strong-15 so that you can focus on hypertrophy blocks with it as well".

    Jesus H. that would be money right now. Bring it.

  4. Bigs - Don't worry I will start working on it.

    Anonymous - Yes you should be fine. It's a strength program.

    Anonymous - That's possible. I will run it by Jamie and see what he thinks as well.

  5. To transcribe your audio you may want to consider Dragon Naturally Speaking transcription software. BTW- cool blog. Todd

  6. I came across that but I don't think there is a free version.

  7. I heard both JDS and Cain were injured going in the fight. Some saying JDS had knee surgery 10 days before. It was a fight neither guy could pull out of considering the circumstances. I can't believe Dana didn't push to show Guida/Henderson as a back up just in case. They really dropped the ball on that.

  8. Hey PC,

    Thanks for your answers to my questions in the Q&A.

    I was just thinking, a post on how to stay semi-faithful to your diet during the holidays would be interesting.

    I damn well intend to enjoy myself when with my friends and family, but I'd also like to not let that slide into a solid month of eating like your typical American, not just because of my physical appearance and performance but because it makes me feel like crap.

    A little perspective from a guy who's been doing this shit for longer than I'm alive would be nice.

    take care, good luck with everything.

  9. Not sure if Oly lifting is your thing or not Paul, but I wanted to recommend checking out this video of the 105kg class at the recent 2011 World Championships (vid is just the C&J portion) awesome battle for the top 3 standings:

    Can't wait for London 2012.

  10. Awesome vid Dan.

    Charlie - Yes I have an idea. What I do is, I get up and have a tough ass nails workout the day of thanksgiving on basically an empty stomach. Just coffee. I use a lot of volume and try to go for about 90 minutes if I can. Then I gorge on Thanksgiving. Kind of a post carb loading type thing.

  11. If you want to limit how much you eat, to a point, you can also drink a bunch of diet pop (if you're fine with that), as that'll increase the pressure in your stomach such that you wouldn't be able to eat more. When I say "a bunch", I really mean ~1-2L in one shot.

    It's more of a last-minute jury rig of a solution, though.

  12. If you're trying to avoid overeating on Thanksgiving, drink a lot of real ale. You know, high quality, thick ass beer. It fills you up tons. Of course, I would prefer to lift tons and just be squat hungry.

  13. That's what I do. squat and do a shit load of whatever, then eat like it's my last meal. Feels awesome.