Monday, November 21, 2011

Training - Errr....traps again

Bodyweight - 235

Dynamic Shrugs
225 x 3,3
315 x 3,3,3
405 x 3,3
500 x 5
585 x 3,3

Regular Shrugs - 635 x 3

Dynamic Shrugs -
500 x 5,5

Regular Shrugs - 500 x 17

Ab Wheel - 2 x 15
Neckage - 90 pounds x 17

Notes - Solid session.  80%er all the way.  Notice how I've gone from week 1 to where 500 on the dynamics were slow for sets of 3, to where now 500 for sets of 5 are explosive.  This comes also from pushing the regular shrugs and just doing the movement again.  The 635 for a triple tonight was super easy.

Also, the first roundtable installment is finished but I have to do some final touch ups on it.  Look for it tomorrow.


  1. Been doing pause reps on bench for about 6 weeks after reading about it here. Went heavy today with normal bench and where a couple months back I could barely get 225x1, I got 225x2 after 3 working sets. Pretty awesome feeling (only 6' 165lbs so great numbers for me). Definitely made me a believer in those. Need to apply them to my squats now. Thanks Paul for the great writing!

  2. 2nd fuck yea, been refreshing for it every hour on the hour

  3. Anonymous - Great job on the bench. And yes it will do the same for your squat.

    Roundtable will be coming later today guys.