Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff - Tuesday early edition

More on "new" method - 

So I've been "ranting" about the lighter percentage and reps stuff for a while.  I feel like it MIGHT be starting to sink in with some people at this point, seeing as how I outlined the Russian training programs, and the Mike Tuchscherer article pretty much drove it home.  I mean, it's hard to argue with that much evidence.

I'm going to be going into a lot of this over the next few months.  Not just going into it, but direct application, and I'll be writing about how to apply it.

The thing to know and understand is that, it's not a cookie cutter method.  I don't think a noob or an intermediate needs to follow the same theories as the advanced, or very advanced guy because their ability to do work, and the taxation of the workload itself, is far different.

Meet plans and training - 

So I found out yesterday that the USPF Nationals will be held in May, instead of July.  So that totally throws off my offseason plans.  I had intended to run carbnite until February 1st.  Now, I'm going to have to cut that back to January 1st I think.

I will just go to CBL at that point (Carb Backloading for those of you that haven't been paying attention).  I will start at 2 days a week and go from there.  I also won't be going crazy with the carbs as I've found I don't need to.

And speaking of Carbnite and Carb Backloading, I'm an affiliate with Kiefer now, so if you want to know how to run these protocols correctly, I recommend checking the links on the right side of the page, and buying his books.

As far as training goes.  I've got everything outlined and have kind of already been massaging it into place.

Saturday - Press
Press Day 1 
Close Grips - 5,4,3,2,1,1,1 3x3@85% or 3x8@77%  Since I bench every other week, these will get rotated.
Rear Delts - 1x10-15
Curls - 1x100
Ez Curl Triceps - 1x20-30

Press Day 2 
Incline - 225xAMAPx2
Rear Delts - 1x10-15
Curls - 1x50
Db Skulls - 2x20

Monday - Deadlifting 
Deadlifting Day 1
Elevated Stiffs - 2x5-10
Db Rows - 1x20-30
Abs - 2-3x20

Deadlifting Day 2
Deads @ cycle for doubles (I will outline this later)
Block pulls @ mid-shin - 1x4 @ 90 pounds more than programmed %
Chins - 2x8
Abs - 2-3x20

Thursday - Legs
Leg Ext - 7x20
Front Squats - 2-5x5 @ cycle (outlined later)
1 Legged Work - 2x10
Calves - 100 reps

There is no leg day 2 until I hear more back from my doc about the MRI.  Either way, the fronts have been going good, so I'm going to stick with them.

365 and Lifer Release - 

365 should be out this week.  It may be a day or so later than I anticipated because my graphics designer is such a perfectionist.

The bad news, is that the Lifer Series won't be done in time for the release.  It's too "involved".  She sent me the first 7 pages and well, it looks fucking awesome.  So awesome that I think I'm going to do it in paperback only, because I think that's the only thing that would do it justice.

A couple of snapshots........

I will probably be going back through it as well, and adding some stuff and probably even a chapter here or there.  Either way, I like the look of it so much I don't think an e-book would do it justice.


  1. Fucking AWESOME that you're making the Lifer Series a paperback. And the picture looks great.

    If you're taking requests, the "time to become the fucking lion" thing as a poster would be pretty bad assed.

  2. Don't you feel a little guilty promoting kiefer's $57 dollar book on his fad diet of eating carbs after you workout? Not saying it is complete bullshit, but to price it at $57, you're inviting my criticism. Everyone is his affiliate and its most likely cause you actually make a decent buck when you make an affiliate sell cause the book is so fucking expensive.


    1. $57 is a LOT. However I actually am using the protocol with great success now, and I also want people think think for themselves. I still disagree with Kiefer on shit like low glycemic carbs being bad (I mean oatmeal is one of the few foods that has proven to help with heart health).

      So guilty? No. I'd feel guilty if I made up a total training program that I never used and tried to sell it, or made up a diet I never used and tried to sell it. Some people are shady that way, but I'll put myself through the paces everytime before I endorse something.

    2. So why promote the book? Some poor sap will buy it and then say "Wait...this is great and everything...but i just paid $57 for a BOOK where the entire basis of the diet is already on the net anyway."

      It's a huge scam. You're not doing your readers any favors.

    3. If that is your basis for "huge scam", then everything is a huge scam. Is Jim ripping people off with his books when the entire 5/3/1 layout is on the net?

      People have to make their own decisions about that. The reason that Kiefers book is $57 is because the guy put in a stupid amount of work for citations. Second, it works. He put it to use, and people use it. You have no idea how many guys out there try to sell shit based on LIES. The fact that he used it, that it's supposed by science and research, and that people use it daily with great results gives it solid credentials.

      Lastly, it's up to people to make their own decisions about such things. I would never charge $57 for a book, even though I see lots of guys do. Some that have blatantly even ripped me off.

      If you asked me I'd say that $57 is too much for any e-book because as you noted, everything is already on the net. However it's a free market and people can make up their own mind about these things.

    4. "You're not doing your readers any favors."

      Actually, from the amount of work Paul puts into this blog, which is free for those of us inclined to read it on a regular basis, I'd say he's doing a shit ton of favors for his readers. Call up your lawyer and see if he/she will give you free consultations any time you ask.

      He's promoting the book because, and I quote, "I actually am using the protocol with great success now, and I also want people think think for themselves."

      If you don't want to spend the money, then don't. It may not be worth that much money to you, but that does not mean it's not worth that much money to someone else.

      Just think for yourself; you don't have to do everything Paul says or buy everything Paul buys.

      Sure, you can find all the information about everything you could ever want to know on the internet for free, but every now and again it's not a bad idea to support those who work their asses off so we can constantly benefit from them.

    5. And that's pretty much the gist of it. It really comes back to this. Supporting people who do for you, freely. My books and shit I keep on the cheap, because that's just me. I want to help people more than make money. I love to make a few bucks here or there, but people writing in to me, telling me how I helped change their life, that is priceless. I know, because I've been there and I know what it feels like to have someone write something, or say something that resonates with you so that it changes the whole dynamic of what you believe.

      So if that's the case, drop that person a dollar...or 57. /joke

    6. I'm so pissed just reading this guy Erik's little comments just now ...

      I have no idea who you are, if you're Mother Theresa in the rest of your life, but everything you just said made me want to f*cking scream and slam my computer through my window, find out who you are and pull a Jay and Silent Bob by visiting you at your house ...

      Paul spends his free time writing tons of content FREEEE!!!

      Do you get that?

      Do you get how much he puts into this?

      How many STUPID comments he gets from idiots like you?

      How many times he answers the same (abeit sincere) questions every week?

      (99.9% of which he's already written 2-3 posts about and people would know the answer if they just read his sh*t instead of immediately grabbing their umbilical cord and emailing him looking to get it fed to them) ...

      How much FREE information he has shared with the world?

      How much shit-talking he deals with on a daily basis?

      No. You don't.

      How can I be so sure?

      Because I know you are a taker, NOT a creator.

      Because of your attitude:

      "Wait...this is great and everything...but i just paid $57 for a BOOK where the entire basis of the diet is already on the net anyway."

      That is the self-talk of someone who:

      1. Doesn't value their education

      2. Doesn't value the FREE information people already give out

      3. Doesn't like when other people are successful

      You. In short. Will NEVER accomplish anything of importance with your mindset, the world will forget you ever existed when you're gone and that will be it.

      People like Paul on the other hand, their work will live forever ...

      You're a small thinker.

      Paul is a big thinker ... and more important ... a big ACTION TAKER.

      Same with Kiefer. If he wants to charge $397 for his ebook -- he can do it, and if you buy it then you either think it's worth it or not.

      If you thought it was worth that, you say thanks and commend yourself for making a good investment.

      If you think it wasn't worth that -- then you get a refund. (that's the beauty of a free market and free people).

      Didn't mean to vomit rant all over your comments Paul, but this is just some soft-headed, BS thinking that is turning this country into a bunch of defenseless "Sheeple" where nobody understands anything about liberty anymore, embraces class warfare ("how dare they make money!") and wants the government to become even MORE of a nanny state to protect them from themselves/the boogie man.

      /End rant

    7. Wow, strong way to bring politics into your pseudo-argument.... not. Class warfare meets carb backloading! I'm an awesome alpha male winner who makes fun of defenseless Sheeple! Live free or CarbNite! Throw in a couple of hazy, nonsensical references to "liberty" and "nanny state", because it sounds cool!

      "What *are* these electrolytes? Do you even know?"
      "They're... what they use to make Brawndo!"

      I didn't buy the book, but I did have a whole pizza last night after my training session and I think I'm leaner this morning than I was yesterday. So I found the guy's article inspiring.

      BTW $57 for an ebook, while ridiculous, costs as much a mediocre night out on town, at the end of which you might be half-buzzed, but probably not even that. No food either. Stay at home that one night and buy the book instead. Or don't.

      iPhones are stupid expensive, people still buy them and don't complain about the retail outlets that promote them. In fact, I recently heard someone say how they got whatever the new one is for "only" $500 or something.

  3. Stoked for the 365. I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas.

  4. Can't wait for 365 and curious about how you're structuring of it. Could you share the chapter summary of it yet?

  5. I don't usually write on these things, but I thought I'd make an exception. I'm usually one of those guys that waits 'til some good Samaritan rips the e-book and puts it online to download.

    In this case, I'm going to buy your new book. You seem like a good bloke, and you make a massive amount of quality information available here for free. I spent a year or so being the weak guy lifting heavy singles and not getting that much stronger. Just a few months of applying what I've learned for free from this blog means I am now doing double figure reps on EVERY SINGLE lift that I was previously using for max singles. I don't even have a structured program, beyond working my arse off every time i train, I just follow what I see as your fundamental principles.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the great stuff you put out, training and non-training related, and that it doesn't go unappreciated.

    1. YES!!!! That's fucking bananas awesome!

      And that's the key. The principles. Not NOT ROUTINES. You got it, brother. Fuck yeah.

    2. Paul, bought your LRB book about a week ago, loved it. Can't wait to get back to doing some reps. I got caught up in the DE/ME conjugate workouts the past few months as an experiment and reading your blog and book really has me ready to move on. I've been lifting for about four years now consistently, and some of the thoughts in your book are stuff ive stumbled on accidently just experimenting in the iron game for myself (your experience adding in small, 'bodybuilding' arm workouts and the results you saw mirrored my experience exactly) Question though. I am a very broke college student. As such, im curious whats going to be new in the 365 manaul from LRB? Love reading your blog man, keep doing you

    3. Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it.

  6. Back to your old trusted 3 times a week

    1. Somehow I always end up back here.

    2. What hand position do you use on upright rows , wide medium or small

    3. Why do you believe so much in training 3 days a week..?
      Is it about an extra day for recovery..

    4. Just recovery in general, yes. I find I do better with 3 lifting days, and 2 conditioning days.

      Sep you've been around my blog long enough to know I've written about this 1000000000000 times.

    5. Ok , sorry paul.
      I get it man.. i apologize for it.
      Thanks for the answer anyway ;)

  7. "I think I'm going to do it in paperback only"

    Please release an ebook copy. Having an entire library of documents on training and/or nutrition in the palm of my hand is so much more useful and I get far more mileage from it than I do reading individual books.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd be interested in a paperback copy (need to get around to buying SLL in paperback) but the paperback copy wouldn't be the one constantly sitting in my bag, being read whenever it strikes my fancy.

  8. Hey Paul, just an idea, but can you please do another podcast with Kiefer now that you have been on his program for awhile and have seen significant gains--just as a follow-up to discuss what worked, what didn't work and what you'd like to see changed. I'd like to see what you and Kiefer have to say.

    It seems to me there is also an opportunity to fill in a significant hole of potential misunderstanding--i.e. people promote a specific program that works for them, but then people who come later never really appreciate the change, and then you get a lot of questions/push-back from people discounting the change. It seems we as humans need testimonials and stories to appreciate things and get the ball rolling, so to speak.

    Again, thanks so much for your time and material you give freely, I appreciate it.

  9. Has oatmeal ever really been proven to help with heart health?

    I don't mean the bullshit General Mills studies where oatmeal was shown to lower cholesterol. I mean actually proven.

    Don't get me wrong -- I love oatmeal but when I eat it I don't assume it's helping my heart in any way.

    Can't wait for 365.

    1. Mayoclinic says yes.


  10. Paul, I'm with you on the singles and reps thing. When I first read Dinasaur Training, I started doing a shit ton of singles, and my strength didn't move much.

    I love singles, so once in a while I throw in some singles with 90-95% of my max, but it always comes back to sets of 3-5 reps.

    I have a question for you on the CBL/Carb Nite subject. When you are on your no/low carb days, how much protein do you usualy eat?

    1. I dunno really.

      3 whole eggs with 3 egg whites and some chicken in the morning around 11

      75 grams of protein from whey and a handful of almonds around 2:30

      10-12 ounces of ribeye or turkey at about 7:30

      then 2 cups of cottage cheese and 2 tbs of peanut butter before bed.

      That's the whole diet really. Throw in some veggies.

  11. Paul,

    With this new workout schedule does that also mean that your cycles will run twice as long since some lifts are trained every other week?

    1. I'm ironing it out. Right now over 6 weeks....

      You bench 4 times
      Squat 6-12 times (all depending)
      Deadlift 3 times (sort of) hahahah

      Again, this is going to take some massaging but I already am seeing PR's with it and I'm on low carb.