Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ok so I lied....and a PR

I said I was gonna do my no-deload deload.  And I did.....for a little more than 24 hours.

Then I hit a PR while sick.......

Incline Press -

225x23.5, 13, 6 = 42 total reps over 3 sets.

Band Pull Aparts - 30,30
Empty Bar Curls - x25,25

Notes - As I noted, I was supposed to lay off, and I'm sick with some kind of minor cold, but I was kinda itching to train.  And I listen to my body, just like I listened yesterday and left the gym before I was done warming up.

IT paid off.  225x23.5 is a PR.  Really should have had 24.  Arg.


  1. three bad workouts and then a huge pr, thats f*ckin insane, any given day.

  2. Nice PR, Paul.

    Btw, I think I recall you talking about doing a BB show to cross off your bucket list...still planning on doing that next year?

  3. Paul, at the point where you fail the lift, is that a result of (like you always talk about on here) just not producing enough force off the chest? Because i'm guessing the westside fans would be saying you need board presses and shit like that to be able to complete that rep.
    Reason I ask is that you looked really close to getting it, so just wondering if that's the point where you will pretty much always fail, even if you got all the way up to say 30, 40 or 50 reps?
    Good work on the PR and I wish you a very merry Christmas.

    1. I could have gotten it, I just kinda ran out of gas and was aiming for 23. So I really should have. But no, that shit is silly. Training specific ranged of "rom" for "weak points".

      And Merry Christmas to you too!

    2. On this same topic, what are your thoughts on pin presses with the pins set such that the bar is stopped at the chest and just hitting the up phase. Did these today because I've backed off of bench press training to focus on strongman overhead pressing but found out my PL comp is only 2 weeks after my strongman comp in stead of 6 weeks and I've only been doing very short pauses in my normal BP workouts. I'm afraid I might fuck my total with a shitty bench if I can't get paused what I get touch and go so I thought the pin presses might help. What do you think?

    3. I don't like pin presses. Just just paused benches.

  4. Nice work Paul.

    I've been waiting for a Q&A, but I'll just post my question here, which is really more of an idea I'd like your feedback on.

    I've been thinking that the standing press needs to be trained more like the deadlift.

    The reason I say that is because, when I do 10 rep back off sets, my low back is cooked for a few days, though I keep pretty solid form. It impacts the rest of my training negatively I think.

    Over the past two years, I watched your recommendations for deadlift back offs go from 10 rep sets to triples with decreasing volume. Do you think this might be a smart way to go for the standing press? Is it possible that it doesn't really build itself the way the squat and bench do, and that, like the deadlift, it needs more support work(BTN Press, close grips, seated dumbbell, etc).

    Of course, like the dead, you need to press to be better at pressing. But because of the way the low back seems to be somewhat of the weak link in the chain, I think using lower rep backoffs and focusing on support work might be better.

    Anyway, I won't get to test my ideas on this out for a while. I'm taking your advice and running LRB 365 strictly, which doesn't leave much room for a strong-15 cycle of press.

  5. Damn dawg, how'd you unfry your CNS from yesterday, you on protein?

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Paul! Hopefully tomorrow ill be unwrapping a SLL paperback!

  6. Paul,

    What are your thoughts on using things like Fat Gripz in your training with all your assistance lifts and at least all warm-ups on your cycled lifts?

    1. I don't have em, so I can't really give an opinion.