Saturday, December 15, 2012

Training - Pressing

Bodyweight - 248 < another great carb up night last night

Pause Close Grips - all reps paused


Rear Delt Tittay Machine - 170x18
Incline Curls - 40's x 15,10
Rope Pushdowns - 3x10 @ 65

Notes - Felt solid.  Am loving the fasting on Saturday morning training after the carb up nights.  I've totally got this whole thing down now and I expect to be in sub 10% bodyfat within a few weeks.

Programmed the bench out perfectly.  When I can do 315 for 3 sets of 8 reps, all pause (which is hard as a bitch mind you), then I'll just recalculate.  But more than likely, it'll just be something like 335x3x8.

Next week will be incline for max reps with 225 again.  The week after that will be 365 for 3 sets of 3  all paused.  I'm going to show you guys how to implement this method this week.


  1. Good stuff, Paul. What did you end carbing up with?

    1. cocoa crisipies, jumbalaya, cinnamon rolls, and m&m's.

  2. Where can I plug in Over head press into the LRB-365.

  3. Can I add some high rep curls into the intermediate routine in SLL? I know you already have the 4 x AMAP for dips in there.


    1. If you feel like that's the biggest missing ingredient in your recipe for success, then do it.

  4. This has for sure been answered 100 times - but what does a paused bench look like (esp. how long is the pause)?

  5. It's just a bench that is paused on your chest. Have you bothered to look at any of my bench videos? You know, since my youtube channel is right there on the right side of the page.

  6. Hey Paul just wanted to let you know sll has been going great so far since i bought it the cycles went according to plan because of the smart programming you talk about... I have to ?s, i just did my first short cycle, i wanted to ask you, if i can just run another one right after, if so should i use my new max?

    My last? Is regards to foundation strength. For example i have done smolov like the times i believe last time two years ago, and that 40 pound gain went away, i know you mentioned thus is peak strength, i was wondering since i have made constant noon stop unbelievable gains with sll will i lose my gains if i get hurt or something or is this my new foundation base strength? (i don't plan on competing, just trying to be as strong as possible in relation to body weight for sports and aesthetics)..

    Thanks Paul looking to hear more on this

    1. There's a reason why there aren't 2 peaking cycles back to back.

      What have I written about that happens after a big run up on a strength peaking cycle???

      I can't answer your other question. How in the world could I tell you how strong you're going to be if you got hurt?

    2. what goes up must come down

  7. Hey Paul- for the first part of 365 do you have a recommendation on what kind of row to do?

  8. Paul,

    Quick question training 2x (hoping to go to 3x once the wife heals and cleared to workout from surgery) per week cycled lifts are:

    week 1: Incline Press and Squat/SLDL + assistance for both days
    week 2: Military Press and Deadlift/Pause Squat + assistance for both days

    So each cycled lift get trained every other week so do I run the normal 6 week cycle as in SLL with each lift getting hit 3 times for rep PRs on the back and 50% or do I run it for 12 week cycle and get the normal 6 times for rep PRs on the back off and 50%?

    Workouts look like this:
    Week 1:
    Incline Press cycled
    DB Shoulder Press
    V-Handle Pulldowns
    Arm (Bilateral)

    Squats cycled
    SLDL cycled
    1-Legged Work (Quads)

    Week 2:
    Military Press cycled
    DB Incline Press or Dips
    Chins- ladders 123
    Arm (Unilateral)

    Deadlift cycled
    Pause Squat cycled
    1-Legged Work (Hamstrings)

    set and rep recommendation come from your blue collar mass series part two so bb work 1-2 top end sets, db work 2-3 top end sets, machine work 4-5 top end sets. Also do your set prescriptions include warm-ups or not?

    Thanks for the help

    1. 1. Is there a single 12 week cycle in all of SLL? Nope.

      2. It depends. If it reads "to a top set" then yes. If it just gives 4x10 that generally means 4 work sets of 10.