Monday, December 10, 2012

Training - Back

Bodyweight 240

Elevated Stiffs -

500x7 ties PR, but I wasn't in it for a tie.  Shit.

Db Rows - 140x25 (no straps)
Ab Wheel - 2x20

Notes - The one thing I hate about this diet, is that after about 4 reps man I really REALLY feel the gas tank dive.

I learned today that the USPF nationals are going to be in May.  MAY!  That totally fucks up my entire "offseason" plans.  So there will be some restructuring of what I am doing.  I will cut my carbnite a month short more than likely, and start backloading twice a week staring the first week of January.

I started my plan for lifting tonight until meet prep starts.  LOTS going into this program and I am going to lay it all out for you, and what meet prep will look like as well, including what I plan on hitting.

In the meantime....some stiffies.......500x10 is the goal here.  I was told that's boss, so that's the plan.


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    1. Mega style points, Nick. No one ever knows who that is. Saw him in concert. I love the shit out of Buckethead.

  2. I love the guy myself, though he's quite the character. You should read this page of an article about him when he was in Guns N' Roses, it's hysterical.,4