Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet Training - Week 9 - Pressing with a HUGE PR

Bodyweight - 255

Press behind the neck -

315x2 PR
225x16 PR

upright rows - 110x5x10
Pushdowns - stackx5x10

Notes - Tried to bench last night but my pec tendons and elbows were just killing me.  I mean awful.  For my own psyche, I decided to go in tonight and do some heavy overhead work.  Well, it paid off.  Even though I was tired as fuck, I hit 2 PR's.  315x2 and 226x16.  Felt pleased about this.


  1. Random question:

    How do these spotters, who appear to be random dudes, i.e. not people you regularly lift with, handle these crazy weights? If a guy I spotted was BTN press 315 for 2, I might just shit.

    1. He's not doing that much. He doesn't lift it off by himself, I help him. You don't ask your spotter to do all the work. You lift and guide the weight as well. You don't just let him lift it for you. Part of him being a good spotter is you being a good lifter.

  2. Excellent work,well done!,especially as you don't seem to be specialising on overhead work at the momement.Thats top notch pressing in my book.

  3. Smoke em' if you got em'! Whew!

    MAN! I'll telll you one thing, its a damn shame powerlifting dont have the strict overhead press. I know who would be a good canidate for that. But in all seriousness, I know you're a dedicated powerlifter---but you're one hell of an overhead lifter. Since it comes to natural to you----I wouldn't just overhead press now and then. I wonder how far you would go with some time spent on overhead prssing. But kudos to you, man. That was some fine pressing, Paul.

    1. My overhead is weird. It doesn't go up all that much if I train it. If my incline goes up, the overhead goes up. If my incline goes up, my bench does as well. So I really just concentrate on incline a lot.

    2. What about women bodybuilding ,how can I maintain my bishape with heavy excercise?

    3. That is what I call using the tools and the leverages you've been given. Clearly you found your sweet-spot, the incline bench press. In that case---since you know how your body reacts---forget what I said about spending more time overhead training. Stick with the inclines, Paul. Everybody coud learn a lesson from this, no matter how simple it is.

    4. Yup. you do have to find what works for you.

  4. Great work Paul Impressive stuff. I'm happy to squat 315. Thanks for putting things in perspective.