Thursday, June 20, 2013

More sweet ass testimonials

Paul –

finished the conditioning phase last week. Dropped 9 lbs in the 12 week period. So now I’m an ultralight 164 ( man I hope there aren’t strong winds around)…But feel good, work capacity way up.. resting heart rate down 4 beats/minute ( old guys care about that kind of shit)!, 

Did run into a problem, I have a junk ankle from HS and college sports and a few “Oops” on motorcyles over the years..Even with a brace, in the 3rd week of ¼ mile repeaters it swelled pretty bad and I must have known prior and been compensating because my opposite knee MCL flared..SO I backed off for a week , did a lot of icing, and then had a modified plan…I grabbed one of my son’s conditioning routines from college lacrosse. 100yrd sprints with 45 sec rest in between as many as you can before you can’t maintain 16.5 seconds on the 100..he had to do them in under 15 but I used the age/ability handicap.. The straight line, a new brace, running on softer turf made it all doable..I did text Usain Bolt to tell him he didn’t have to get out of bed any earlier to train as there was no threat!

Certainly the best shape I’ve been in for over 15, maybe 20 wife appreciates that!!!

Reset my everyday maxes as I crossed over into the dark side…..beltless. So another solid learning cycle..

Have a kick ass day,
Paul Heller


Hey Paul, I just wanted to quickly share my deadlift progress with you. My all-time PR was 550. I hit that about 2 years and haven't pulled over 500 since because of a bad injury from a car accident. My back had been getting stronger and 4 months ago I did 470 for 3 reps. Then I decided to try out the Strong-15. I set a goal of hitting 525 which I thought was pretty reasonably after the 470x3. Today was my test day and I crushed 525. It went up so fast I decided to give 555 a try and I crushed that too. So I set an all-time PR while the heaviest weight I lifted in training was 500x1 and 460x3. Thanks again, Paul. -- Bill Schonberger 

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