Friday, June 14, 2013

Part 1 of 5 - Discussion between Brandon Lillly and myself

Link to the Juggernaut site with it is here.

Just a disclaimer, context matters.............

Obviously the trolls are out in full force over my "you're not a 650 squatter comment" on the video.

Perhaps I should have said "you're not going to program with 650" or something to that affect, or "you don't program with your best day lifts."

Either way, I really don't think that anyone who watched the video and was trying to learn something didn't understand the context of that comment.

90% of the discussion in this video was about programming, how to program, what to pick, etc. The example of the running back was even given as a parallel.

People who want to learn will listen, read, and absorb content will do so and understand context.

People who want to argue will find a reason to do so.

I made that comment sitting in the room with two world class level lifters, and they understood perfectly at what I was getting at. 

If you didn't, I just explained it.


  1. Watched this on JTS this morning and learned alot; looking forward to the rest of the series. Pretty impressive that you still look jacked sitting next to a grizzly bear Paul hahaha.

  2. One of the parts that you touch on in this video really resonates well with something I've been learning a lot about in the past few months. I think you'll find this article, which is about a completely different subject, extremely relevant -

  3. I think the real question is how long it took you to get into that tight ass shirt!