Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's 2011......

What the hell are you going to accomplish this year?

Be a better husband, father, and friend

7% bodyfat

640 squat no belt/no wraps

455 close grip bench

675 deadlift

chins with 100 x 6

improve conditioning

What about you?  What are your goals?


  1. On the platform......

    500 squat
    300 paused bench (yes, I suck but this has actually come a very long way)
    550 Deadlift

    Keep building up my pride and joy strongman course, provided the 14' of snow outside decides to melt.

  2. 135kg clean & jerk and 108kg snatch at 90kg bodyweight or below.

  3. Presently (in 181): 385/275/550.
    Goals (in 198): 405/300/600.

    Love the log Paul, keep up the great work.

  4. In order of priority:

    Love my wife and kids as much as humanly possible.

    Kick ass at work and earn EIT cert in fall.

    750 hours of guitar practice.

    Get my right hip and leg back to par.

    Military 275x5
    Hang Clean 315x5

  5. What the hell am I going to accomplish this year?

    Be a better boyfriend, nurse, collegue, and friend.

    15% bodyfat

    400lbs squat belt/no wraps

    300lbs bench

    500lbs deadlift

    chins 15 reps BW

    improve conditioning

    Gain lots of muscle

    That's about it.

  6. Be a better husband, son, and brother

    Be a better teacher

    Put my family before all things

    Prestige in Black Ops (Ha Ha)

  7. I'd like to give a proper bw goal but I have no idea just how much weight I have to lose to be happy with how I look. But in any case my first goal is to lose fat and look better.

    Lifting goals would be to hit 180kg squat and 220kg dead which sounds like nothing but between losing weight and not having money to gym the last month its not guaranteed. I'll still do it though.