Saturday, February 19, 2011

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Is there anything worse than going out for breakfast and sitting next to a whole group of 60+ year old cackling hens who are louder than the last Who concert?  Laughing about bullshit that isn't funny, talking about shit no one in the fucking world really cares about, and ruining breakfast for everyone else in the immediate area.  I like my mornings quiet and peaceful.  Yeah I know it's a public place but I thought people understood what the fuck an inside voice was.  I thought maybe it was just me, but then our waitress said "thank God those old women left."

Fuck you too!

One of the best templates I've ever used for getting big and strong is below....I will use it again more than likely real soon.....

Train 3 X a week -

Day 1 - Squat / Dead
Squat - 5/4/3/2/1, 1x10
Block or Romanian Deadlift - 2x5
Abs - 3x10

Day 2 - Bench
Bench - 5/4/3/2/1, 1x10
Db Incline or Flat Press - 2x15
Rows - 6x10
Arms - Optional

Day 3 - Squat / Dead
Deadlift - 5/4/3/2/1, 1x5
Front Squat - 1x5
Shrugs - 1x20

Day 4 - Press
Overhead or Incline Press - 2x10-15
Dips - 1x10 or bodyweight for X number of reps
Chins - same as dips
Arms - optional

This is my usual shit.  Work up to a nice single, then a back off set.  Keep the reps high on the other stuff for hypertrophy or use a shit ton of volume, like 6x6-10.

Big Fish - Great movie in the Forrest Grump kinda mold.  Watched it with the family last night.  If you haven't seen it do so.  If you are close with your dad, don't blame me if you cry at the end.

Don't ever tell women you are going to go out, unless you're 100% committed.  I said last night "we should go out Saturday night" then this morning, I was kinda bleh about it.  Well that doesn't work, and might get your balls chopped off.  Don't even mention going out with the women unless you know for certain, and I mean FOR CERTAIN you are committed to it.

So I'm giving The Wire season 2 a chance.  First episode right off I think, is better than any episode of the first season.  The first season was just too damned slow for me.  I thought the acting was great, and everything was done top notch but the actual movement was slow as molasses.

Guys, for the love of God, if you are single and out and happen to be talking to a lady you might be interested in, don't tell how beautiful she is.  Once you do, you're done.  The suspense is gone.  There is nothing for them to be interested in you about anymore.  You've lost.  I have a friend that is really bad about doing this.  If the waitress is attractive or if we are hanging out and end up talking to a female, without fail he will tell her how attractive she is.  And without fail she has no interested in talking to him after that.  A really beautiful woman already knows that, and once you tell her that, you're just the next guy to succumb to her siren song.  Make her qualify herself to you.  If you do want to tell her that she's beautiful, do so but make her qualify herself to you after that.  "Yeah you're beautiful, but there are lots of beautiful women in here.  Tell me something that is interesting about you that has nothing to do with your looks."  Once she has to qualify herself to YOU, then you're good to go.  This advice, free of charge.

Just don't tell her how hot she is

My Siamese cat is neurotic.  He's literally like 21 or 22 years old, and that's no joke.  He was 10 when we got him, and that was 11 years ago.  So he's somewhere in that area.  But for a week now he's starting this meowing thing at 4 o'clock in the morning on the dot.  I mean, on the dot.  Meowing like crazy.  He stays down in my office and goes back and forth between there and the laundry area.  So last night I finally get up (again) and go down there.  And he takes me to the big shelves in the back of the laundry area, jumps up to the top and just looks at me.  I went back to bed.  He starts the meowing thing again at like 6.  My wife goes down and checks on him, he does the exact same thing.  I totally expect some Stephen King style shit to start happening around my house in the next few days.

I swear this guy better not start showing up at my house

If you are trying to get lean fast but are pressed for time and don't work on the weekends, train twice on Saturday and Sunday.  Lift in the morning and then get conditioning in that evening.  This works really well for people who are really busy during the week.

So I think my elbow problems were related to my old bed.  No shit.  We got the new bed and everyday the elbow feels better.  I benched with a sore elbow this past Thursday night, and usually when I do that the pain for the next two days is pretty bad.  But not this time.  I have almost no pain at all.  I hope this trend continues and that's all that it was.

I'm completely addicted to Monster right now.  I drink two or three a day, and when I'm not drinking one, I'm thinking about when I will.  Oh well, better than being addicted to meth, crack, or someone else's urine.

Better than other peoples urine.  Not that I'd know from experience.  

There is nothing new under the sun in terms of weight training, so if someone is trying to tell you that a certain program has secrets that have never been revealed.........kill that guy.

The Honey Badger doesn't give a shit..........

There is a difference in vacation and traveling.  Vacation is supposed to be about relaxation.  Traveling is where you do shit.  Don't confuse the two.

I had a guy stop me in the mall a while back to ask me what he could do, very quickly, to look like me.  "Train really hard for 20 something years".  Why do people think that there is a quick fix to this shit?  Like I had an answer as to how to quickly be 240 lean when you're a fat 220.  I don't.  That's why I said you need to enjoy the journey and not be overly concerned with the end.

I think the partial squat is one of the gayest most useless fucking things ever.  And I'm not talking about guys squatting high, I'm talking about guys putting 9000 more pounds on the bar than they could ever squat and setting it on the pins so that they move it 4 inches.  There is no carryover to this shit with ANYTHING.  Period.  Wait I'm sorry, there is.  It increases your douche-ness in the gym and your ability to look like you went full retard.  There is no "mental" factor because you've got safety rails up.  There is no carryover to the full squat because all of the inertia to overcome to actually make the lift is from the bottom to mid-lift.  So you either do it for attention (douche-ness) or because you're stupid.  Take your pick.

Hot babe of the week (two for this post I suppose) idea on who she is but I love sweaters......

There is something I have picked up on lately about alcohol drinking.  All the alpha/type A/competitive personality types I personally know, drink "drinks".  All the "regular" dudes I know, are big beer drinkers.  I train with competitive fighters and know lots of other high level lifters, and the majority I know that are highly competitive drink "drinks" when it comes to alcohol.  All of the guys I train fighting with drink vodka, rum, etc.  None of them are beer drinkers.  Pretty much all the regular joe blows I know, drink beer.  I have my reasons why I believe this is.  Personally, I think it's because a lot of guys have a lot of follower in them and to be "one of the guys" you drink beer.  The competitive types I know that do fighting and and lifting, don't give a fuck what people think and drink what they like.  Sure, some will mix in a beer here or there, but for the most part when we have parties and hang, we all drink a mixed drink of some sort.  Just an observation.

Random music post of the week.  Drowning Pool covers Rebel Yell.  I love old Billy Idol because it reminds me so much of my youth and makes me feel dirty.

If you don't have Monday off for presidents day, sucks to be you.

Otherwise I hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. The Wire is the best show I've ever seen. It takes a while for you to get an attachment to the characters, but they are written so much better than any other show. it is slow, but I like that it isn't one of those shows where every problem is solved in 30 minutes minus commercials. Many of the problems don't get solved at all, just like real life. Certainly a more ambitious show than any other on TV, and I think it succeeds at that ambition.

  2. Partial squats: good for the yoke walk in strongman. Pain tolerace, especially if you walk in place with the weight on your back. I did this to prepare for a strongman contest and was one of only a handful who finished the yoke walk.

    Mixed drinks: my theory is you dont see many mixed drink drinkers with big pot bellies, so the competitive guys drink these to consume less calories. I always mix my vodka, Gentleman Jack, and Rum with coke zero...

    However, I actually like the taste of a cold beer on a hot summer day.


  3. A cold beer on a hot summer day isnt bad. but out partying? nah.

    you may a point there Rick, but I don't see any competitive stronmen types at any of the gyms I'm in.

  4. I have ten years experience as a bartender and while I agreed with your observation that Type A/MMA/Competive dudes drink "drinks", I have a few things to add.

    Of the sub-group that doesn't have "douche bag" tendencies,(these are the real Type As) they mainly seemed to drink it cause it was stronger than beer and got you f'd up quicker. (This has nothing to do with normal portion of alcohol - most mixed drinks have more booze in them due to bartender error and less total volume than beer - so know need to dicuss the ole beer=shot thing) Also, it helps display your "awesomeness" when you order 2 Grey Goose and Cranberry Juice when you are hitting on the ladies. (You get to pull out the $100 - add they always did - never pay with less) This group also tips well cause they are actually bad ass and respect it when you hook them up. It's their Alpha-ness, they drinking to get f'd up, booze it the best way to do it and look good. Respect.

    The sub-group that is wrapped in full "douche bag", well, they probably like hip hop and drink Hennessey mixed with pineapple juice because that's how you mack the ladies. They pay will a $100 and show you no respect what so ever. They never tip and are NOT remotely bad ass. These guys suck and always will.

    "Beer drinkers" are everyone else. All walks of life and all kinds of stuff. I've seen all walks in this spot so it's hard to pin down any traits. But I will agree that they are overall less "awesome" than the "awesomes" and infinitely better than the Douchers.

  5. Great blog Mr Carter,

    What do you view as partial squats? I used to do ass to grass squats - no belt. Started doing parallel with a belt and more weight, but having seen your videos I think I will switch back but keep the belt. Also may include some leg press. Stayed away from machines since I was doing a barbell/bodyweight strength approach, listening to internet gurus saying machines are evil.

    You made a good point on one of your posts about non-geared lifters needing to build their quads more for squats (i.e., include leg press).

    Keep up the good work fella.


  6. Steve- Thanks for the comments.

    To me when I say partial squat I'm talking when guys set the pins up real high and load the shit out of the bar with about a zillion more pounds than they could ever handle, and do about a 4" squat.

    Leg pressing is hard work actually. Esp if you work into heavy high reps, just like any other leg and back work.

  7. Matt - Without a doubt one of the most awesome posts ever on my blog. I love insight into people like this and do a lot of people watching and people reading a hobby, more or less. Long time bartenders are some of the best people readers I have ever know. So I love to input.

  8. Hi Paul, would you mind elaborating on the 5-4-3-2-1 rep scheme a little? More specifically, how hard each set might be, and what kind of weight jumps you would take.
    I am about a 320 bencher, and I was thinking of doing this for the first bench day: 225x5,245x4,265x3,285x2, 305x1
    Does this seem like a decent spread that you intend for that rep scheme?
    Thanks a lot

  9. Boomer - Yeah that looks about right.

    How you really want to work the 5/4/3/2/1 is for it to feel like the 2-5 reps "preps" you for the strong single. Even though it's not a max.

    So for you what I'd do is....

    week 1 - 295x1, 225xmax reps
    week 2 - 305x1, 245xmax reps
    week 3 - 315x1, 245xmax reps (trying to beat the previous week)
    week 4 - 325x1, 275xmax reps

    If this goes well, start back over at week 1 and try to break all of your previous reps for the back off sets. Very easy and simple progression schemes.

  10. that cover of Rebel Yell is good - and i'm sure i know just what you mean about how Billy Idol remind you of past times!

  11. Great, I pretty much assumed the first sets should feel strong and quick. I have really enjoyed your blog a ton. Thanks for the fast input.

  12. Thanks man. Glad I could (possibly) help.

  13. Let me get this straight:

    You drink mixed drinks, just like all of your friends, and all of the beer drinkers are the ones trying to be "one of the guys"?

    Surely you see the irony there.

    I'm with you on the old ladies. Just about all of them are annoying as hell and smell like decaying flesh unless they are black or my grandma on my dad's side.

  14. Justin - this is something I came to the realization of after recent party threw. All of my "normal" buddies had beers. Whenever I have a UFC PPV get together all the guys I train fighting with, drink mixed drinks.

    I think what I'm getting at is the "normal bro" guys I know all drink beer, and then tell me "I don't drink sissy drinks" when in fact the toughest MFers I am friends with, all drink sissy drinks.

    I understand what you're getting at but let's get real, when you walk into a club/bar do you think there are more guys standing around with beers or cosmopolitans? Exactly.

  15. Yeah I get what you're saying, I was just giving you shit. Personally I drink whatever I'm in the mood for, be it beer (if there's good stuff available) or booze.

    LOL, "sissy drinks". Like a 4% ABV light beer isn't a sissy drink, right?

  16. Correct you are, sir!

    I think it's ironic that the "sissy" drinks will in fact get you fucked up faster than most of the "manly" drinks.

  17. Paul, for a younger guy (20), trying to reach the 300,400,500 range...What progression makes more sense, 5/4/3/2/1 or Wendler's 5/3/1? I'm not one to have my hand held but I do want to take advantage of my recovery and be as aggressive each week as possible. Not asking a dumbass quick fix question, I'm enjoying the journey regardless...

  18. My answer is going to be simple here.

    Whichever one you like best.

    What I find most often is that people will be consistent doing whatever it is they like best. It's not always as much about picking a certain scheme, but picking a certain scheme that appeals to you.

    I have run the 5/4/3/2/1 with a back off set protocol for years with great results, and it's generally my meat and potatoes of training.

    The most important factor in all of this is to use a training method you will be consistent with over time because you enjoy using it. that's not a cop out or bullshit answer, it's a real one. I've always done lower volume because I like it. And because I like it, I make good progress on it. If a guy likes high volume a lot, he will progress on it if he is consistent across the board.

    So give each one a fair run and see which one you like better. I plan on writing about the 5/4/3/2/1 back off stuff in the future, but I'm working on a template based around it at the moment.

    Best of luck.

  19. Hi Paul,

    In your 5/4/3/2/1 workout at day 1, when you say “block deadlift” means “deficit deadlift” ? How about doing barbell good morning for 2x5 ?

    Thank you,

  20. Marius - Block deadlifts are where the plates sit up on blocks. Putting the bar at around mid shin or right below the knee.

  21. Thank you for the fast input. Marius

  22. so it is normal and expected to find some people who search deeper than the surface, and want to know the things hidden between the things.. and on the other hand there are people who are not so curious and find no interest in digging too much in things that will not change their everyday life..

  23. I have been running the same routine for a while 3x a week. Could I try doing the above routine 4x a week for a change or would that be too much?

    Also when you do high volume like that for an exercise, is the weight supposed to be challenging and focusing on progression or just for volume? thanks!

    1. I can't tell you if it will work or not, you'd have to try it.