Monday, February 21, 2011

Training - Traps

Bodyweight - 236

Shrugs -
225 x 20
315 x 10
add straps -
405 x 10
500 x 5
585 x 5
635 x 3
585 x 8
500 x 10,10,10
405 x 20

Rear Delt Tit Machine - 137 x 20,15,12

Notes - Glad I waited to do this session until today.  I was shot yesterday from staying out Saturday night.  But you have to live a little sometimes.  Diet is working awesome.  Bodyfat is slowly dropping off and I'm adjusting to the low cals and energy levels are starting to come back a little bit.

Here is some more Thy Will Be Done...This is one of my faves


  1. What does the "Bang" mean in Run-Lift-Bang?

    Bang as in fuck?

    Or Bang as in knocking heads on the field?

    Either way, me likey.


  2. It can mean anything Matt. For a fighter, it could mean spar, or fight, for a football player it could mean hitting. "Bang" is whatver it is you are training for or going after....and fuckin. LOL

  3. Why do you devote almost an entire session to shrugs?

  4. 1. big traps are awesome

    2. I have figured out that my upperback/traps have been a weakness in my deadlift

    3. big traps are awesome

    4. it's fun