Saturday, February 5, 2011

Training - Back and Biceps

Weight - 240

T-bar rows -
1 plate x 30
2 plates x 10
3 plates x 10
4 plates x 10
5 plates x 10
6 plates x 15

Pulldowns - stack + 15 x 4 sets of 8

Ez Curl - 115 x 10

Notes - Quick, nice little session.  When I hit 6 plates x 20 on the t-bar I will add another plate.


  1. Paul,

    Do you use the old bar in the corner to do t bars? Do you use a handle? Just curious, I've had trouble setting these up at home.


  2. Yeah I do. When I get to more than 5 plates I need to anchor the end however.

    I use the handle and try to get a hot chic to hold the other end down.

  3. Only 1 set of curls?

  4. Yeah I hate training bicep but I manage to squeeze it in because it's more important than a lot of powerlifters understand.

  5. I agree that curls are important.why not 6 sets 6 hammer curls

  6. This is a very old training entry......