Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lifter Profile - Q&A - Rachel Guy

So I featured Rachel Guy as my hot babe of the week this week and low and behold she wanted to do a Q&A!

Ok Rachel give me the basics. Name, age, and anything else you want to tell me about yourself.

Hi Paul, My name is Rachel Guy, I am a spring chicken at 27yrs old and I live in Sydney. I am originally from Wales in the UK and moved to Sydney in 2006 where i now work as a strength coach and physical therapist at an MMA club, Platinum Extreme. .

Rachel tell me about how you got started lifting weights and how long you've been at it now.

Rachel:  I started training in a gym at aged 13 around 3x/week but started lifting seriously with a purpose when i was 21. I realised i was way to soft and skinny before and to build curves i needed to be consistent and lift heavy weights. I now lift 3-4x/week and train MMA which is where i get my conditioning from. It is the hardest form of training i have ever done! You have to go to some pretty dark places! lol

People usually like to ask for routines, but I'm not big on that. Tell me about your training philosophy. How would you sum up what you think works and is productive in the gym.

Rachel:  I have a motto - "Anything over 5 reps is cardio!" If you are lifting for strength- LIFT HEAVY! If you are lifting for hypertrophy, TRASH the muscle group and FEEL the pump! If your training to improve your conditioning/fitness, it doesn’t matter what weight you use just keep doing it till your lungs burn and you feel sick and your mind plays games with you! These are very general rules. Every person is different. For me – “Anything over 5 reps is cardio!”

What has been the most difficult aspect of training, whether that be a bodypart to develop or strength on a particular movement.

Rachel:  I really struggle to improve my chin ups! I have worked all angles from varying training frequency, load, TUT, training the accessory lifts such as lower traps and rhomboids, directly training arms, forearms etc but i still plateau at 6 reps at best. I think it has now become a mental block too!

Ok so what aggravates you the most involved in the fitness and training industry. I mean what pisses you off more than anything else? Don't hold back. Let it all out.

Rachel:  Don't get me started on one of my 10 page rants! I will summarise the two things that piss me off the most!
1) Trainers and coaches who claim to have the "only" way of doing something and that everyone else is wrong! They make blanket statements which are black or white with absolutely no room for discussion.
2) Women who sulk that they cant get lean, make bullshit excuses and refuse to eat fat and lift heavy shit! Make some effort! If this stuff was easy everyone would be doing it!

What has been the single most rewarding thing you have accomplished regarding your training?

Rachel:  Having big glutes and a 6 pack! :)

Ok switch gears. Favorite vacation spot?

Rachel:  Tough call! Probably Dubai. The land of excess! Although I also love Marbella in Spain.

Favorite food, clean and dirty versions.

Rachel:  Favorite clean food - Salmon and veggies cooke in the oven
Not so clean food - i go to this Thai restaurant and they have THE BEST Organic slow cooked lamb Massaman curry. I wash that down with 3 scoops of their homemade creamy coconut ice cream. Also love my red wine!!

Favorite music?

Rachel:  Depends on my mood. It can be anything from cheesy 80's stuff to hard rock and metal when i am training.

If you could change any one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Rachel:  Not to be so excessive and be able to switch off! My brother once said "excess is success" - to this day, this is how i live. I am excessive in everything I do. Live life at 120mph! :)

What does your future hold? What are your long term plans personally and professionally?

Rachel:  Well, I have so many things on the cards right now its hard to know where to start!
Personally - Short term: Get out 8 reps chin ups by December; complete my level 2 Pro-Mai MMA grading; maintain off-season at 62-63kg with 10-11kg of body fat (measured by Dexa) & travel to LA and Miami this year for work and fun; look after my man and keep him happy.
Longer term - be a MILF and a hot wife! ;)

Professionally - Grow and consolidate our club Platinum Extreme and open another one; continue to keep learning from as many sources as possible; practice what i preach; launch my new online business which will be a trusted source for training and nutrition for women; launch 2 e-books and DVDs. There are SO many more exciting things on the cards but in two lines, that is the plan!

Finally thanks for being cool and doing this Q&A. Do you have a website or anything else you'd like to plug?

Rachel:  Your welcome! Thanks for having me on board! Sure, here is a list of where you can find me:
My Gym:


I told you Rachel was awesome and knew her shit.  One of the reasons I wanted to do this with her is because her training ideology is so similar to my own.  If you are in Sydney and are in need of a major ass kicking look Rachel up and sign up for some training.

A big thanks again to Rachel for being awesome and doing this.


  1. Very cool!

    "Longer term - be a MILF and a hot wife! ;)"

    Definitely on the right track.

  2. Cool interview man. Can't wait to see some more.