Thursday, June 2, 2011

Training - Deadlift

Bodyweight - 255

Hip and Ass Machine - 2x50
Calf Press - stack x 30
Leg Curls - 2x10

Deadlifts -
135 x 15 stiff legged
225 x 5
315 x 4
405 x 3
500 x 2
565 x 1
605 x 2 video below

Elevated Stiff Legs - 455 x 10  video below

Shrugs - 585 x 8

Notes - Not 100% at ALL.  Took a shit like 7 times today (literally) thanks to two giant plates of stir fry last night.  I shoulda known better.  Then I was bloated and gassy all day.  Almost lost my lunch after the stiff legs.  I need to be hitting 15 reps on these bastards in the next few weeks.  I think that's possible on a good night, as is 605x5.



  1. I hear you on the food that causes gas causes tougher gym time.
    Did you see Buckethead yet?

  2. Cool! Did he play with a backing band? When I saw him he just played over recordings.

  3. Yeah he had a drummer and bassist. But they sounded like 20 guys playing. It was very freakin cool.

  4. Very cool. I was disappointed when I saw him b/c there was no band so it lacked a lot of the vibe you are supposed to get at a live show. If he is touring with other players I will catch him this time for sure then.

  5. Paul I can't remember if you've written about his elsewhere. What are your experiences and thoughts on ab work for dl and squat assistance?


  6. I personally think it's overrated. No one squats or deads 600+ without having a strong midsection. I've spent plenty of time doing heavy ab work and didn't notice a single difference in my squat or dead. Nothing. Not compared to not doing it.

    I also still do a lot of boxing and kick boxing however, and that involves a ton of hip rotation and gets the abs very involved. So maybe I don't see a difference because I already get a lot of ab work from that kind of exercise.