Monday, June 13, 2011

USPF RAW Nationals in Chicago

Well, I'm doing the USPF RAW Nationals in Chicago.  I have been keeping this under wraps for a while because I didn't want to end up saying I was going to do this meet, then tear something off, and have to back out.

But the train tickets are bought and hotel booked, so I'm at least going to be there.  So long as I can make it out of the next three weeks of training without sustaining a major injury I should be good to go.

Depending on how things go this is going to be how I plan things...

Squat -
opener - 570
2nd - 635
3rd - 650

Bench -
opener - 370
2nd - 415
3rd - depending on how 415 feels, something between 450 and 470

Deadlift -
Opener - 590
2nd - 650
3rd - 700

That's the early plan, but things could and probably will change.  These are all best case scenarios of course.  No need for planning for worse case.


  1. LOL - I was going to message you and mention that IMHO you should do a meet sooner rather than later.
    Great to have something to shoot for - the very best of luck

  2. Thanks Phil. I had been mulling it over for a while but announcing meets that I am going to do has resulted in pretty significant injuries shortly after so I wanted to wait until I was closer. Obviously with the money spent I'm going to chicago in July. If I happen to tear something between now and then I'll just have a nice vacation there.

  3. Wishing ya the best in your training upto the meet Paul. As long as you pay attention like you have been to how you're feeling I'm sure you'll destroy it.

  4. Thanks man. That and just avoiding the injury bug will be big.

    Even if I don't go 1750-1800 just making the meet healthy and finishing will be good enough this time really. I haven't had a good run the last few years.

  5. Excellent...I'm glad you're committing to a meet Paul. I don't want to sound derogatory, but I was afraid you were one of those guys that follows and trains for the sport of powerlifting but never steps on the platform.

    So what weight class are you competing at? BTW, you can see where your lifts would place you in the top 50 all-time from 2007 to present at:

    Good Luck and SFW...

  6. Scott - I've competed before, so that's not really a big deal to me. And although I will do this meet I don't REALLY consider myself a powerlifter per say, because that would narrow me down too much. I do powerlifting because I like the limit strength side of training, however I have too many other things I like to do, that probably take away from powerlifting in some form or fashion.

    I should be in the 275 class. I don't do the weight cut thing.

  7. Holy Shit! 275 class? That's a lot of big eating!

  8. I was wondering have you ever tried a strongman contest?

  9. Nope never done strongman Kyle. My pull sucks and I'd want to be at least in the 725-750 range because I would really want to win.

    Anonymous - I'm currently 265.

  10. Good luck on the meet PC. I hope that you will accomplish your goals.

  11. Thanks man. Showing up and simply doing my opening squat will be accomplishing an actual goal. I still have three more weeks to go so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  12. Is this meet drug-tested?