Monday, June 6, 2011

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Ever notice in these street fight videos if a girlfriend of one of the guys in the fight is around, she's always in the middle of it?  This makes me want to show up just to kick her ass.  Because what she is doing is helping the other guy kick her mans ass.  Listen, to the women who do this....LET GROWN MEN FIGHT.  When you get involved what happens is, your guy tries not to hit you while the other guy is swinging away.  Thus you make it easier for the other guy to kick your guys ass.  If you want to help your man, back off then kick the guy in the nuts from the rear.  This helps.  Getting in between the two guys?  This makes you look like a f'n idiot and gets your mans ass handed to him.  Stop being an idiot.

I got trees growing out of my gutters.  I mean a real shrub bush growing out the top of them.  I pull up into the driveway the other day and it's so bad they catch my eye.  "Look at that.  Trees in the gutters.  Shit."  I know how nasty it's going to be when I get up there and start pulling that shit out.  But it's gotta be done.

Movies -

Red - Really fun movie.  Slightly over the top action flick with a good cast.  Humor and solid action.  Not too much of either to keep it just about perfect.  Predictable of course, but I wasn't expecting The Usual Suspects Either.

Black Swan - This was much better than I expected.  Portman was indeed awesome in it (and skinny as a rail).  Her and Mila Kunis are retardedly hot.  Especially Kunis.  I loved the french ballet director in it as well. At first you think he's going to be the 100% sleaze ball "just trying to nail the dancers" character that he's pegged for early.  But he doesn't quite fit that bill 100%.  He's clever and I appreciated his role.  Anyway, it's kind of like the ballet version of Fight Club if you will.  You'll see what I mean.

yes you are.....

I've been to a lot of concerts.  Slayer, Pantera multiple times, Metallica (pre-black album) many times, and other heavy acts.  I've been in a ton of mosh pits.  I've never had a single problem at any concert.  I go to see Buckethead this week and I about have to decapitate this fucking asshole.  The wife and I are sitting waiting on Buckethead to come on, and this guy is standing about 4 feet behind us.  This is in a fairly good sized bar mind you.  Not a big venue.  Anyway this guy is staring at my wife like he's jacking off in his mind.  I'm not a jealous guy, I always see dudes checking my woman out, and I'm cool.  All of us check out how women.  However when you start freaking my woman out because you're too creepy, then we have an issue.  I finally look at this douche and said "Do you need to take a fucking picture?"  I told this douche he was creeping out my wife and he apologized for it.  "Were you gonna fight me in here?" he says to me.  "I hadn't planned on it.  It wouldn't be much of a fight though." I say.  "Oh you'd just break me in half?" he says.  "Pretty much yeah."

I thought that was it.  So he leaves and goes down to the floor below us.  Then turns around and leans on the rail below and starts staring again.     "That's it." I say, and I start to proceed to the floor.  But his friend comes and grabs him and they leave.  Tiff is relieved because she "didn't want to have to bail me out of jail from a Buckethead show."  Of all shows I almost have to kill someone at a Buckethead concert.  I'll make sure and not go to a Celine Dion or Mariah Carey concert.  Mass murder could happen.

Maybe I should have expected potential violence at a concert where the main act is a guy with a Michael Myers mask!

If I can make it through the next 4 weeks uninjured I am fully convinced in every way that I have found the most perfect way for me to train for maximum gains.  A combination of using both my big15 and strong15 programs.  The last 10 weeks or so of training (or however long it has been) have been the most productive I've had in some time.  I've stayed relatively injury free, I've hit several PR's (mostly due to being injury free), and gained a lot of low fat mass.  I'm sitting near or at 260 right now on and off, and I've never been this lean at this weight.  I am still in my 36 pants with lots of room to spare, veins in my arms and legs and visible abs from top to bottom.  I will write about what I've done over this time, and how I programmed everything in the next 6 weeks or so.

Hot babe of the week.  Rachel Guy.  I like this chic.  She trains hard and knows her shit.  And Australian accents are sexy (on women I mean, dammit).

I would actually like to start doing some lifter/figure/bodybuilder profile type things, like mini interviews.  I need to create a format for it but I think it would be a cool idea.

I also am thinking of grabbing another writer to add some content.  Actually more than one.  A competitive strongman/powerlifter, a female who does fitness and strength sports, and possibly an MMA related guy.  I know enough people however finding someone that writes well is harder than you think.  You'd be surprised at how many people don't even know how to use "your" and "you're" correctly.  And that's third grade shit.

My deadlift is slowly inching towards 700.  I had 3 reps in me last week with 605 but felt pretty awful so just did the double.  So basically I need to get up to around 605x5 and 700, or something close to it, should be in the bag.  As Dave Ostlund told me however, it's mostly going to be a mental battle.  And I believe that.  Anytime you've been training to hit a long term goal the mental hurdle of getting it tends to be the biggest one of all.  After that you almost always tend to run away from that weight, at least I do.  Then I stall somewhere shortly after.  I have a feeling these brutal elevated stiff legs have been playing a part in it.  Now that my neck is starting to clear up (been hurting for weeks now) I can add my shrugs back in and I think that will finish everything off.  When I pull 700 I will write up exactly what happened over the last few months to get me there.  Since I am NOT a good deadlifter, this has been work and a lot of it.  As I have usually found, there have been two distinct phases that have moved my deadlift again.

Yesterday I ate very badly.  I mean in a good way.  I had some kind of ice cream from the mall.  It wasn't ice cream, but similar.  Then I had two Nestle chocolate chip walnut cookies.  After I got home I had peanut butter and jelly with a shake and three pieces of cheese cake.  This made me feel very satisfied.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. The only thing worse than the fight scene you described at the top is when a guy steps in to stop another guy beating up a girlfriend/wife and the gf/wife decides to attack the helper. People will say you shouldn't get involved in other peoples fights or whatever and they are right to an extent but even so, that's fucked up. B

  2. I've inserted myself into that situation more than a few times. Never had the girl attack me in return, but I know what you're talking about and yeah it's strange.

  3. I would hate to be that guy in the bar with an angry Paul after me!

    Stay safe fella.

  4. hey paul. just wondering, there is not much lat/rowing training in your log recently, have you not been logging it, or are you just not focussing on it in this mass phase. thanks man

  5. Lets hope that you can stay injury free. Looking forward to your write always!

    Tony B

  6. Bud - Not the last couple of weeks. I had been alternating chins and pulldowns. I will get into this when I do the deadlift write up. A couple of nice phases to help bring that lift up will be coming.

    Tony - Me too man. It's been a long time since I've been this healthy.

    Steven - I'm pretty laid back actually. The only thing that sets me off is someone trying to mess with my family.

  7. Ever thought you'd be doing more harm than good by stopping a man beating up his wife/GF? I was thinking about this the other day, I beat the guy/intervene and the guys takes it out on his wife/GF when they get home/alone. Obviously morally it's an easy decision and I'd always intervene but....

  8. No never thought about it. I can't control what goes on when I'm not around. But I will never let a man hit a woman around me without stepping in.

  9. Paul,
    A bit off topic, but saw the video of you behind the neck pressing 225 and was wondering if you had any advice and what to do/not to do to avoid injury? Some regard it as a more dangerous lift but you seem to do them just fine with good ROM. Anything you're doing different?

  10. Every time I do something like that (with the fight) I get pinched. Got any suggestions?

    Good luck in the training and thx for the great vids.

  11. I'm really interested in expanding the blog with new writers. I don't have much experience, but I'm a decent writer and a college student with a lot of free time and I'm willing to help any way I can.

  12. k - That lift has never bothered me. Ever. I don't know why the PBN is considered so dangerous personally. I've never met a guy that told me he had bad shoulders from it. Just don't go super heavy and make sure your shoulders are flexible enough to do it. That's really the big key.

    Paul - Get pinched how?

    matt - The writers I would be interested in would need to be pretty experienced guys but I appreciate the interest.

  13. I wasn't clear in my last post. I'm minoring in English and have experience editing various publications, so I could proof articles if you wished.

  14. I gotcha mmatt. I may could ask you to do this for me in another fashion down the road if you're interested. I will keep you in mind when it's time.

  15. This is becoming one of my favourite posts of the week. Not just of yours; overall, I mean.

    I saw Red the other week, and it reminded me how awesome Bruce Willis is. It made me want to watch Die Hard again! Mary Louise Parker is also great. She kinda annoyed me in the West Wing, but she was a totally different beast in this. I was surprised by Black Swan though. I had to switch it off. Portman was really grating. I don't know what I dislike about her so much. It's not that she's pretty -- I like plenty of pretty actresses! It's just that she's so.. whiney? That and the Star Wars films. They blew, and she's tarnished by association in my eyes now.

    It would be great to see a serious female lifter writing on here, but yes, please keep the writing good. That's the thing that keeps me coming back here -- that and your taste in movies!

  16. LOL thanks ALi. I thought her character was supposed to be kind of whiny so maybe that's why she was casted for that role.

    And MLP was mint in it yes. She was really good.

    I'll try to keep good taste in movies just for you!

  17. Did you all hear The Wrestler and Black Swan were originally envisioned to be two parts of one movie? Then of course they became their own things. Adds to the complexity if you view each movie as being linked somehow to the other.

  18. Get pinched means get arrested.

  19. Gotcha. I dunno man, I just never had that issue. I think there is a law that says you can help someone being beaten. I'd have to ask my copper friends.