Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Training - Bench and shit

Bench -
bar x 50
135 x 20
185 x 5
225 x 4
315 x 3
365 x 2 paused
405 x 1 paused

315 x 15  pec and shoulder felt irritated so I stopped.  Had a few more in me.

Curls - 155 x 7

Db Curls - 50's x 20

Pushdowns - 85 x 20

Notes - shitty session.  There.


  1. Wish my shitty session was 315 X 15! Good work! I had a bench question. I was tinkering with my setup. The federation I lift in prohibits being on your toes but I am pretty flexible so I can get my legs back pretty far to get a good arch, good tightness, and keep my feet flat. I seem to be able to get my shoulder blades squeezed behind me (my old problem was pronating shoulders). However I'm unsure how much pressure you put on your ass on to the bench? With flexed glutes are you like barely touching the bench (almost like a stool) or driving into the bench? I feel like when I'm driving into the bench I lose leg drive. Either way it seems I'm lacking something to make me as stable as I need to be. Any advice, greatly appreciated. I love the blog, inspires me to lift heavy (I bludgeoned myself deadlifting monday, so wore pants today). Can't wait for the shirts! Sam

  2. If you are raw, worry more about the pressure of your upperback on the bench. That should fix your glute problem as a by product. If your upperback is tight on the bench then when you drive with your legs you'll be able to apply as much pressure as possible.

    Hope this helps.

  3. so im doing the bench cycle you posted a while ago, and i have one question :
    do you have any recomendation about rest periods between sets ?

  4. thanks for the answer