Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff

I've been watching Game of Thrones and I must say it has been excellent and beyond my expectations.  If you haven't seen it give it a go.  You won't be sorry.  My wife also has the hots for Khal Drogo now as well.  She loves a man who will kill just because someone insulted his lady.

Also as it turns out, Sean Bean is a real mans man in real life too......


I bought a WD TV media server this past weekend.  This thing is awesome.  You just plug your thumb drive into it and you can play virtually any media on the TV.  So if you watch a lot of movies, like myself, this thing is gold.  It also does Netflix and Blockbuster on demand (streaming).  Without a doubt, the second best little box I know of.

Second best box I know of

I see why a lot of people disable comments from their youtube vids.  It doesn't take long for a insecure jealous stream of retards to show up and start posting irrelevant shit.  If you want to talk or criticize technique or form that's one thing, but to just go "hey you look stupid, hur hur hur".....it boggles my mind.  I think this still falls in the realms of what I call haters.  So I should obey my own rule and just appreciate the haters.  Because that's what haters do.

I'm looking forward to this meet regardless of what numbers I hit.  I've been able to avoid the injury bug for the last few months and that alone feels good.  I've also done a great job of listening to my body and resting when needed, and not getting all bent out of shape.  I have figured out that I need even less time to really peak for strength once I'm up against that max wall.  So the main thing now is seeing these last 3 weeks of training through, and then delivering on meet day.  1800 is my goal but anything over 1700 seems fine right now.  My 2nd attempts should be very doable so that will put me at around 1710 or so.  Again, just staying healthy has been my main goal the last few months.  If this goes well and I qualify for the worlds, then I'll think about something bigger.

I think the Junior Dos Santos/Cain fight is going to be pretty epic.  Both guys have great cardio, both guys are great on their feet, and as JDS showed against Carwin, his take down defense is very solid.  This is why Brock Lesnar would have never made it very far anyway.  The top guys all have great take down defense.  It just so happens the one guy that didn't, Mir, got his face bashed in.  I mean even Randy Couture, who was 220 pounds when they fought, never had a problem getting out from under Brock after it hit the ground.  I think that JDS wrestling ability cancels out Cain's wrestling take downs, so it's going to come back to who wins the stand up battle.  And I think that's too close to call.

Back to not sleeping so well.  I guess a couple of weeks is all the sleep Gods were going to afford me.  Once I get in to see the doctor about it I'll take a Lunesta horde to the sleep Gods lair and put a major league ass whupping on em.

I haven't done a Q&A in a while.  Look for one up tomorrow.

Brandon Lilly won't shut up about these Arnold Palmer drinks.  It's half ice tea and half lemonade and he's obsessed with em.  Now I feel like I am missing out because I have not had one and badly feel the need to locate one and try these supposedly tasty beverage.  When I do, I better shit a golden egg or something because it's been built up awfully big at this point.

It better be good Big B!

I will be in Chicago for quite a few days because I am making a mini vacation out of it, so if anyone has any recommendations for places to eat, things to see/do, please let me know.  I don't plan on doing a whole lot but I would like to get out to do some family friendly things with the girls.

My training will change around slightly the next 3 weeks.  I will be using one of the phases from the strong-15 template and I'll just plug in my second attempts and go from there.  Had I know I was going to do this meet for sure two months ago I would have run the whole template.  Again, I practice what I preach.  The only thing I may do is just deadlift for two weeks, then the third week do a lot of heavy back work like rows and shrugs, then not pull heavy again until meet day.  It's amazing what rest does for you sometimes, and that's what I will be counting on there.

I'm friends with the starting middle linebacker of an NFL team so I may hit him up in the next couple of weeks to see if he'd like to do a Q&A about training.  So for anyone who has questions that they would like answered regarding offseason and inseason training for NFL players let me know what you'd like answered.  I don't think he's busy with the lockout BS going on so it might be doable.

Ever notice the same people who read books then go see the movie of that book, are the same people who hate for someone to tell them spoilers?  WTF?  Think about it.

Why do women with muffin tops still wear tight shirts that are too short, with hip huggers?  Look, even dudes know when they are too fat and dress accordingly.  Bigger pants, untucked shirt.  Right?  Right.  But women will proudly sport their big muffin top.  I find this common amongst fat or overweight women I train, that lose weight, and think that because they lost 35-60 pounds that they are now fitness models and look just fine in short skirts/shorts and tight shirts.  I had one client who wore daisy dukes around pretty much a whole summer until I went off and told her to "burn those f'n shorts!"  I had another that for some reason, thought that tight shirts and low waisted pants was a good idea when her problem area was her waist.  Guys may have body dismorphia in terms of never feeling/looking big enough in the mirror to themselves, but fat women who lose weight most definitely suffer from a similar disease.  They lose weight and no longer see the fat girl in the mirror, but a toned and super tight fitness model with a rock hard body, and everyone needs to see it.  When in fact, they generally usually have about 30 more pounds they really need to drop.  I see this over and over and over again.

My weekend sucked, as usual.  I haven't had a lot of good days lately.  I won't get into it here, but I'll just say that you can be good to people for a long period, give them support and love when no one else would, and then they can turn on you for very little.  I mean VERY LITTLE.  People are generally selfish, and if you put yourself out there in a way to be taken advantage of, they most certainly will do that.  It should be obvious to you when someone you are trying to support has issues with everyone in their life, that maybe you're just going to be next in line.  But I have no regrets for trying to help a friend out during a time of need.  That's what friends are supposed to do, even if in the end said friend turns on you without any real cause.  That's life, we have to deal with it.


  1. Hey I was wondering if you can ask your friend about supplementation. What supplements does he take? Is it team recommended? Does he refuse supps?
    Hopefully we don't get a rhetoric protein shake and a multivitamin
    Ps great blog

  2. Will do. I think that's a great question with the number of guys that have claimed tainted supplements as the reason they pissed hot.

  3. http://www.kumascorner.com/

    I've been dying to try this place out. Heard nothing but great things about, been fiending for the High on Fire burger, haha.


  4. Paul

    Am on the big15 template. Do I just add 2.5-5kg to my lifts at the end of the cycle, or try for a 1RM?



  5. For the big15 it's all about repping. Don't worry about trying for a new 1RM that's not the goal.

    I tell a lot of guys I don't even plug in new numbers, I stay with the same weights for a few cycles and constantly try to up those reps as high as possible. If you don't want to do that, just see what the prorated max tells you and plug that in.

  6. I love the part about muffin tops and men not tucking in their shirts. Hysterical and so true. I had my first real shitty workout in a long time. I failed on a fairly easy triple on the deadlift hitting only two. I was shocked and chalk it up to how insane my last few weeks at work and home have been. My hands just felt so tired and weak. Anyway, I am in it for the long haul and will keep plugging away.

  7. I hate me some muffin tops......unless I'm eating em.

  8. It ain't cheap, but the Chop House has the best bone-in ribeye period. It ruined me on every other steak I've ever had since.

  9. "That's life, we have to deal with it." Truer words never spoken. When life gets me down I try to look at the positives and think about what things I have that others don't and say "fuck the haters." I also try to think of things as a test. If some dude is being a douche at work to me, I think "if I rip him a new asshole it may make me feel better but will it help me to be a better man?"

    I know you know all this shit, you are a smart guy. I am probably just talking out of my ass, but I recently went through quite a bit of crap with friends and people at work. I had to change my way of thinking, but life is good now!

  10. It's an ever evolving process Dave. We have to keep trying to get better.