Sunday, June 5, 2011

Training - Chest and shoulders

Bodyweight - 255

Db Bench -
20's x 50
60's x 30
100's x 25

Side Laterals - 20's x 20,15,  25's x 15,12,12

Notes - Didn't train yesterday as I felt terrible so I listened to my body and took a rest.  Just got in some db bench and side laterals today as I'm still not 100% but I felt like I could train.  80%er so it was worth it.


  1. Paul, I wasn't sure where to post this so I figured this would work.

    I recently purchased your ebooks and love them. I plan on running your mass program to up my weight and then your strength program prior to the few meets I am in.

    Diet wise I eat whatever and eat less if I think I am getting far or eat more if I think I am not gaining what I want (1-2 lbs. a week) I eat pretty clean (90% of the time) and shoot to get a large amount of protein a day.

    I wanted to know when running either program, how would you program in 1 or 2 days of hard conditioning? Hill sprints, sprints, stadium stairs, etc.



  2. Tate - For the conditioning I prefer to do it after squats/deads. This way I'm not asking my legs to do more work in the week. If you want to do it on non leg days, I suggest the day after squats/deads.