Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Training - Squats

bodyweight - 262

Warm up - good girl bad girl machines, hip and ass machine, calf press, leg curls.  2-3 sets of each for 12-20 reps

Squats - no belt or wraps, Oly style

135 x 10
225 x 5
315 x 4
405 x 3
475 x 2

520 x 1
555 x 1
585 x 1


Pause Squats - 405 x 5

Good Girl Machine - 3 x 8

Notes - Super f'n tired tonight.  Didn't get to sleep until late last night so I'm REALLY happy to get the 585 single in and it was not hard.  This is good.  This means on a bad day I'm still smoking 90% of 650.

Feeling good Billy Ray.


  1. paul,

    after a good leg day workout, how sore are u usually and for how many days? given that workout intensity is high and its a 90%er or higher.

    i know its a trivial question but the reason i ask is because after my leg days, i dont have much soreness anymore, is my body adapting to the movements too much or do u think this is a "normal" thing? there is SOME soreness but its usually gone after a day or two, sometimes three MAX.

    can growth keep happening working once a week? should i bring even MORE intensity


  2. Rarely sore at all once I have been at it a while. The first week back from a layoff I will be sore, or if I pick a new movement. But once I am squatting every week I only get slightly sore, if at all.

  3. ok thanks, its good to know, i thought maybe i was losing it, this is basically my bible site for all things advice and funnyshit too


  4. hey paul, I know you read Tnation. Just wondering what your take on Christian Thibaudau's training is? I have benefitted from his advice on accelerating the weight, training to failure less and using lower rep ranges for more sets but I find some of his stufdf a bit "wacky".. just wondering your thoughts!

  5. some of the stuff is out there to me. Some of the exercises, the way to do things, it all seems like coming up with ideas out of boredom at times. getting big and strong or shredded hasn't changed in 60 years. no reason to reinvent the wheel except if you are bored.