Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getting Jacked - Frame work and Variations in the Week 1 LRB Template

Some things about training I am a stickler on (like squat depth) and some things, I am not.

Because we are not all the same, I know that templates have to be massaged sometimes for idividuals.  I don't like cookie cutter programs any more than the next guy.  But I do like guidelines.

So let's talk about variations within the template, with some do's and dont's.....

On the Heavy Pressing Day - 

DO - 

Pick movements that don't cause pain.

Stay with the first two movements for at least 6 weeks.

Barbell Pressing for the first two movements.  This is really what makes this the "heavy pressing" day.  After that just pick an isolation shoulder and tricep movement and like Less Grossman told Flaming Dragon, go to town man, go to town!

"Go to town man, go to town!"

Seriously, that's the whole ball of wax.

Don't -

Pick three heavy pressing movements.  Don't get carried away with the volume.  If you find you need a little more, add some in to the first two movements.  But make sure you are progressing each time the heavy pressing day comes around.  If not, cut back a little.  It's also ok to vary the reps a little bit from workout to workout.  So if you want to do some triples instead of 5's, do em.  Just make sure you have something to weigh progression against as you go.  That should make sense.

Don't go super heavy on the isolation movements for shoulders and triceps.  You should be moving fast between these two movements and breathing heavy.

Don't start off too heavy.  I can never say this enough.  Remember the big picture.

On the Heavy Leg Day - 


Squat.  If you can't squat because of some kind of LEGIT injury, find a squat you can do.  Like Hammer strength or hacks.

Follow up squats with another heavy movement.  It can be one or two.  If you are feeling your oats, do two.  If you are feeling like shit try to get the squat and one other heavy compound movement in.  Don't over think this shit.  So if you go squats, hacks, lunges and that is working for you then skip the leg press and do that.

Do make sure and get in the 1-legged work.  This is great for injury prevention and mobility.


Grind too many reps in the squat.  Make your singles snappy and then get into the grinding rep work on the second big lift.  Don't sit around and grind on the squat all damn day.  If that is what you need, then this template may not be for you.  If you are prepping for a meet, the strong-15 is perfect for that.  Just include some pre-hab work there as well.

Don't pussy out either.  Leg work is hard and sucks nuts when you are tired.  Man the fuck up and get the hard shit in.  I have lots of days when I am tired that I push through it.  This is not a "I'm tougher than you thing" this is  a "want it" thing.  Want it more times than not.

Despite the fact that he dressed like a god damned retarded banana, Ronnie Coleman was smart for keeping lunges in his routine
Don't ignore the single leg work.  This is good shit.

On the Light Pulling/Back/Biceps Day - 


Keep the reps higher.  This is not an ego day.  You worked hard the first two workouts of the week.  Keep the weights medium and reps higher.  This is just as much a recovery session as it is a growth session.  Keep this day kind of fun but productive.

Follow the template as close as possible here.  A big compound movement, a back/lat movement, a hamstring movement, and something for biceps.  This workout covers the entire back of the body and of course the biceps.


Ignore the biceps.  Sometimes I am tired at the end of this and want to say fuck biceps.  I hate training biceps because it feels uselss and gayer than 5 guys getting fucked by 9 guys.  But it's not uselss nor gay.  unelss you are in the squat rack doing it.  Then it's gay again.

Beat the living shit out of yourself.  Get the work in and feel "good" when you leave the gym.  You should feel pumped and refreshed, not like you just fought your way out of a turkish prison full of MMA guards.

More notes - 

Remember to be a good Doc Brown.  Be a good lifting scientist and play a little bit here and there.  This is the most sound template I have developed in terms of hypertrophy, strength, and pre-hab/mobilty work.  But you also may need to tinker with a few parts here and there to make it work perfectly for you.  That means adjusting volume and exercise selection.  I am not dogmatic in my training philosophy or application.  Be smart.


  1. Which single legged movement had given u the best bang for ur bucks? How many reps and sets would u recommend for it?


  2. Probably the 1-legged squats. I have done a lot of variations with them as well.

  3. not really related to this jacked series, but I have got a question. I am seven weeks out from a meet, and just got flu. Any tips besides tons of vitamin c on how to shake it? I am supposed to squat heavy tommorow also, any tips?


  4. That sucks man. Seven weeks out is a long time. If you have the flu rest, get plenty of liquids in and don't train. I say this because dehydration can cause injuries. Just wait until you're feeling 100% again. It will only be a week or so. Truth is, I can peak in 5-6 weeks maybe even less. Don't fret the time at all. You'll be fine.

  5. knee injury and no squats for me (bending my leg sucks), just deadlifting... hopefully I'll hit my quads. any tips?

  6. You didn't say what the knee injury is, but if you can't squat that limits a lot of training. Single leg work and leg presses if that is doable.