Saturday, September 24, 2011

Training - Back Light

Bodyweight - did not weigh  weird

Speed pulls - 315 x 6 or 7 singles

Hammer Shrugs - 315 x 5 sets of 20-30
Hammer Seated Row - 45+35 x 5 sets of 20
Glute-Ham Raise - body x 4 sets of 10
Bar Curl - 65 x 6 sets of 20

Notes - Felt sluggish and awful.  This was no surprise.  I was out late drinking last night.  Yesterday I found out that a good friend of mine killed himself months ago, and that was the reason he obviously had no returned my phone calls or texts.  So I joined a mutual friend last night out for a while and we had a few and talked about shit.  So today I was dragging ass but didn't really care.  Still probably an 80%er.

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