Monday, September 26, 2011

Heavy/Light Template 2X A WEEK

This has been asked and begged for enough so I figured I would get it out there.

If training 3X a week isn't doable, which is sometimes the case, the LRB template can be massaged into a 2X a week template with little hassle.

Week 1 -

Day 1 - Heavy Pressing - Light Back
Barbell Over Head Work - 3 sets of 5
Bench Press - 5,4,3,2,1,1,1
Bent Laterals - 5x20
Pulldowns - 5x20

Day 2 - Heavy Legs
Squats - 5,4,3,2,1,1,1
Hacks or Leg Press - 4-5 x 6-8
1-Legged Work - 4x20
Addutor/Abductor Work - 4x15-20

Week 2 -

Day 1 - Light Pressing
Db or Machine Press - 3-4 x 15-20
Chest Press - 2-3 x 12-15
Side Laterals/Upright Rows (pick one) - 4-5 x 20-30
Triceps Movement - 5-6 x 15-20

Day 2 - Light Legs - Heavy Back
Front Squats - to a top triple
Deadlift (rack or from floor) - 5,4,3,2,1,1,1
T-bar/Hammer/Barbell Rows - 4 x 6-8
Good Mornings - 4x5 (medium weight)
Curls - 4 x 12-15

Because this is spread over two days instead of three you may have to squeeze just a little more work into the light leg and heavy back day.  But that's ok, it's the only heavy workout of that week just like with the standard template.

Not a whole lot else to say here.  This should not be hard to incorporate into your schedule.


  1. Paul,

    Would it be possible to do more email interviews, ala the Eric Lilliebridge one? Maybe strongmen or bodybuilders or fighters.


  2. Yeah I had two Q&A's out, one with an NFL guy but after the season started he hasn't been able to get to it.

    I have some dudes I will be hitting up for Q&A's soon.....

  3. I shall definitely give this a try and give my feedback in my blog. Feel free to check it out and give some feedback to a new blogger.

  4. I like this template.
    I have been working off Dan John's Minimalist 2x a week for a while and like 2 days - lots of time for other parts of life but it's very possible to make real progress with focused work. And 2x a week is a great way for focus. No effing around time.
    I see this and want to make the pressing days the second ones weekly, though. Just my preference - make Monday the big day, legs and pulling, the heaviest shit gets done first.

  5. Paul,

    When you do the shake diet do you typically approach your training as you are right now? I'm under the impression you're not doing shakes. I was wrong once though.

    If no, do you think a 2x weekly template (3 if things are going superb) with conditioning would be a good approach? I understand I can adjust as necessary, but would like get as close to good enough as early as I can. I've never lost weight this way. Not sure what I'm in for.

  6. When I do the shake diet yeah I generally train 2X a week with a good bit of conditioning to get the fat off.