Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Overeem signs with UFC; set to have bout with Lesnar 12/30 for title shot

Just an extra post for those that gave me crap saying this probably wouldn't happen.

I see another Cain style beatdown on Brock.


  1. Overeem's MMA head movement leaves a lot to be desired. Brock needs to send one of his lunchbox fists straight down the pipe and touch Overeem's iffy chin. Plus overeem can't wrestle like Cain or Carwin.

    But... it isn't likely. I still see Overeem winning. And then JDS or Cain beating his ass.

    You have to say one thing though... Lesnar has some balls. Dude gets the shit punched out of him by Cain... so he tries to fight JDS? He gets sick and then asks for Overeem?

    He has the power to ask for whoever he wants and he only asks for top 5 HWs who can break his face.

  2. Overeem is a K-1 champ. I don't think his head movement is an issue, nor does Brock hit hard.

    I don't know that Brock asked for Overeem or just that is what UFC setup.

    Brock is an incredibly limited fighter. Fact is, the only guy he has REALLY finished has been Mir. Carwin just punched himself out.

  3. I do like this matchup. It gives Overeem a chance to prove his worth to a bigger audience but the I have a perverse interest in seeing Mir/Lesnar 3. Don't know why they didn't do that unless Brock flat out refused.

  4. I've heard rumblings that Mir/Lesnar 3 will happen.

  5. He covers up well due to the larger gloves. he doesn't rely on head movement in K1. Look at his fight with Werdum or look at the fact he has been knocked out repeatedly in MMA.

    His headmovement is lacking.

    and brock finished couture as well.

    brock is limited I never said he wasn't. but what he has (size, wrestling) works.

  6. Why would he need head movement against Werdum? He even admitted he basically only trained take down defense against him because Werdum has ZERO standup.

    Saying he's been knocked out "repeatedly in MMA" is exaggerating just a liiiiitle bit. Ok, a whole fucking lot.

    The last time he got knocked out was in 2007. 4 years ago. He also got KO'd in K1 as well.

    But even aside from that, Brock Lesnar has the shittiest standup in the entire HW division. So why would head movement even matter? Everyone knows what Brock will try to do. Take him down and win via GnP or a sub.

    But we all know what happens to Brock when he gets hit? He turtles up like a bitch. And we know the likely hood of Reem landing something is pretty high.

  7. Don't mean to hijack but this was just announced: Nick Diaz is out with his fight against GSP. Carlos Condit is in.

  8. Robbie - Thanks for the update. I heard earlier that Diaz missed the conference and wondered what the hell was going on.

    Not a good way to start for Diaz.

    Carlos Condit. He did beat Rory MacDonald and Dan Hardy just recently so who knows. GSP needs someone to challenge him. He looks bored in there now.

  9. Start? I'd say he is already done. Maybe if Bellator picks him up but I'd say the majority of Nicky's career will be overseas where he can take his herbs without consequence.

  10. What a fucking head case he is........

  11. Diaz is a waste of space, both the diaz's are IMO.

    i think they both might be slightly retarded to be honest , something other than ADHD or whatever they "have".

    you ever heard their interviews? my 7 year old neice has more intelligence than those 2 combined! haha.

    either way paul u are right, GSP does in fact look bored as can be right now.

    i think maybe diaz realized he cant beat GSP, or even stood a chance, either way White "likes the guy", so no matter what, bet he will most likely be still fighting in the UFC. seems like alot of favoritism.

    such is life


  12. ok, props to you paul. you said overheem would be in the UFC soon and i disagreed; good call! geoff

  13. I think we'll still see Diaz in the UFC eventually. Just not sure when. If so, Dana will make him fight his way back up more than likely.

    Thanks Geoff. I knew there was no way dana was going to let Reem walk around fighting in sub par feds.

  14. Well, now Diaz is back on the card and facing BJ since he didn't have an opponent. I like this fight better but personally I would've cut his dumb ass. But he does come to fight and somehow has everyone thinking he is a 'pound for pound' guy even though he has beaten less than stellar competition. I guess since Dana and co. took the time to buy out Strikeforce they might as we put him to work.