Monday, September 12, 2011

Training - Press Light

Bodyweight - 242

Seated Db Press -
30's x 30
50's x 15,10
100's x 5
120's x 10
100's x 12

Incline Press -
135 x 10
225 x 8, 7

Upright Row/Standing Frenchies Superset - 65 pounds 6 sets of 20/15

Notes - Felt like hammered shit.  I have a cold and it feels like it's trying to get inside my chest (Dave Chapelle Rick James voice).  Anyway, I felt like shit but the actual training session was an 80%er.


  1. on "pressing light" days u said to do 3 sets but on your u did 5 on your seated Db press, is it safe to say the first 2 were your warmup sets?


  2. J - Yes. 3 sets is just a "guideline". the template of what you are doing matters, but if I am tired (like tonight) I may do a little less volume than normal or go lighter. It all depends.

  3. Good grief! 10x120s on seated DB press is an 80% day??

    Paul, any thoughts on advantages/disadvantages to doing them seated, and why you choose to do them seated?

  4. Just always have done them seated.

    I'd like to hit the 120's x 20 in the seated db press. That'd be pretty good. My overhead work has always been way ahead of my benching in contrast.

  5. can incline bench be considered as overhead work?