Saturday, September 10, 2011

Training - Conditioning

well I suck at updating conditioning posts but here was the last two days........

Thursday - 25 40-yard sprints

Yesterday -

A.M. - before breakfast - 30 minutes of steady state

P.M. - 45 minutes of steady state

Just doing as much steady state mixed in with intervals as I can.  If I get up and do some in the morning, that's fine.  If it's in the evening, that's fine too.  Point is, just to get in as much as I want to/need/whatever.  When I am trying to get into better condition I just walk or run whenever  I get a chance and don't worry about the rest.


  1. Good write up's lately paul! I just knocked out a pretty good conditioning workout earlier this AM. Had to release some energy before this PSU/BAMA game, LOL

    Knocked out 10 sets of 3 with hang cleans in the garage and then attempted to do some hill sprints after in my neighborhood for the first time. only did 5 rounds though. I need to start off slowly with those sprints.

    This might be my new plan, two days of heavy lifting and have a good conditioning day on saturdays in the garage. do some sort of olympic lift variant and then follow this with some hill sprints. Heck, I might even do farmer walks in the neighborhood, I am sure my HOA will like that, haha



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