Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff

I have a particular person I would like to give some thanks to.  Someone who has been really good to me the last month and a half.  Has been one of the best people I have met in a while and been really supportive and awesome to me.  It's not often to find people that really improve your life and add even more quality to it.  But this person has, and I always like for them to know about it.  Whenever shit is bad people love to complain, but when things are going good, people often forget to give thanks for the good times.

I also want to give a major league FUCK YOU to people who don't take personal accountability in their life, and constantly use scapegoats for every shitty decision they make.  For instance, I know some "religious" people who blame the devil for their shit decisions.  No asshole, the devil didn't make you do it you shithead.  You did it.  And you wanted to do it.  Don't get all fucking super Jesus on me because you want to run away from personal accountability in your life.  You weren't blinded by Satan, you were blinded by your own greed, lust, and selfishness.  You told yourself whatever it was you needed to say to find justification for your actions.  Stop blaming something or someone else and own your fuck ups and bullshit.  If you make changes in your life to get out of a bad situation that's fine, and good for you.  But there isn't anything worse than someone using the "I was in a bad place" or "the devil made me do it" fucking excuse.  These same people are always victims as well.  It's always someone else's fault.  Never their own.  Someone brainwashed them or "made" them do things they didn't want to do.  Go fuck yourself.  Let me add this is NOT a religious rant.  I have tons of friends who are "religious" that are some of the best people I've ever known.  What I'm talking about are those people who get busted doing shit they know better than, then suddenly find Jesus and claim the devil was responsible for all of those decisions.  This also applies to non-religious people who always blame someone else, or say they were in a bad place at the time.  What the fuck does that even mean?  It means you were human, and made poor decisions because your current environment effected your actions.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Just make yourself accountable please, and don't blame others for your own thought out actions.

Not responsible for your shitty decision making

I'm so on a movie downslide but I am going to get out this weekend to see Warrior.  I've heard nothing but good stuff about it and obviously being an MMA whore I will wear my ass groove into a theater seat this weekend to view it.

I've been in Information Technology now for right around 15 years.  The IT job market is actually doing really well because of all the new technology that has been developed and because data centers are exploding with business.  However the openings remind me so much of the pre-Y2K shit.  Basically some assclown of an employer wants someone with 10 years of Oracle experience, 10 years of AIX, 5 years of Java programming, 5 years of Linux, and 5 years of SAN administration and they want to pay him 80K.  Go eat a bag of Lexington Steel dicks.  Guys with 10+ years of experience in Oracle or AIX make 6 figures ALONE.  Second, do you want a master of one of those trades or do you want some dude that knows a little about each one, but isn't really great at any?  Idiots.

I've switched over my PWO shakes (egg protein) from milk to almond milk.  I'm cutting dairy down as much as possible to see if anything in my blood work changes.  My blood work is always pretty good but I'm constantly looking for improvements.  My doctor recommended cutting back dairy for a while to see if it helps.  So the only dairy I have now is some cottage cheese a few times a week.  If it doesn't help, no biggie, I really like the Almond milk a lot.

This past weekend one of our fighters fought what I, and pretty much everyone in attendance thought was the best amateur fight they had ever seen.  The match got a 5 minute standing ovation and the announcer said it was the single best fight he's ever MC'd in his life.  The only thing I can liken it to was the Forrest Griffin/Stephan Bonnar fight where the two guys met in the middle of the ring and just slugged it out Rocky style for three rounds.  It was really fucking epic.  Our guy lost in a narrow decision.  He was incredibly upset afterwards but I talked to him for a while about it.  I told him in his previous 5 fights he had been hit a total of about 3 times.  If he wanted to, he could see this loss as a positive.  He knows now that he can stand and take some big time shots and not go down.  That he can also stand and bang and go toe to toe with a good striker (he's primarily a 'rassler).  But he also needs to get more serious about the little things, like his eating and lifting and leave nothing to chance.  I hope to see him to do, and then take his fighting to a new level.  I'm the worst person in the world about having a positive attitude for myself, but I always seem to be able to find the silver lining in the blackest of clouds for others.  I guess that's just my nature.

I need to get a truck for the piece of shit winters we have here.  The SRT8 is just a death trap once the snow and ice hits.

I realized I care less about the NFL now more than ever.  I actually didn't even know the season started this past weekend.  I feel good about that too, to be honest.

My training feels so complete right now.  Working out that template has been awesome for me and I honestly feel like it will help me get to a new level.  It is so flexible and takes so many factors into account that I have no idea why I never came up with it before.  If you aren't using it you should be.  My only caveat would be for beginners and guys that still need a lot of work on the basic movements.  In that case you should really be reading my manuals and using the programs I used for years to build my foundation of strength/size.  Spend the next 5 years doing that, then progress into the LRB template.  All bases then covered.

Why do people get so god damn wrapped up in worrying about the future?  I mean I get being prepared and planning some shit, but I know people who freak out over shit that you have no control over and worry about things that never come to fruition.  I have a friend who got engaged because she said "it was time."  She's 35 and feels like time is slipping away to get hitched.  Women are so warped sometimes.  I know two women that got engaged for every wrong reason you could ever get engaged or married for.  I know that people marry for all sorts of reasons, but people get divorced for all sorts of reasons too.  I've been with the same woman for 17 years so I know a little about making shit work, and what makes shit work.  Marrying a guy because he has a good job and makes good money isn't a good god damned reason to get married.  Neither is marrying a fucking deadbeat who doesn't work because you think he's hot and is "safe".  This is dumbassery at a grand wizard level of enchantment.  I don't not wish for these people to have lifelong relationship happiness because they are doing things for selfish reasons.  I got married to my wife because she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, because she was my best friend and companion.  There wasn't anyone else I would rather be with.  When a chic tells me that she doesn't love her fiance "anymore than she could love someone else" then she isn't getting married to the right person.  And I will give her a big god damn I told you so in a couple of years when she files for divorce.

I need to make shirts like this......LOL

Hot babe of the week.............Tara Babcock.  I love a hot chic with a phallic reference in her name.  Awesome.

Random Music Post as well.............

Not really an A7X fan but because I have played music so long, I generally have an appreciation for bands that work in songs like this.

Training with a cold is the most major suxor but I do it every time.  I don't know why.  I don't get cool points or a new car for being dumb enough to keep training through feeling bad.  Whatever.

I hope everyone is having an awesome hump day.  If you can't get laid, try "the stranger".  It's not bad (not that I'd know!).


  1. Thanks for the inspiring blog. 3rd week of your strong 15 program nailed the benching test. Up about 10 lbs projected. My bench has been a non mover for some time. I switched to thumbless grip but got a little nervous on the heaviest set and went back to conventional. Thanks so much, great programming, easy to follow! After reading your philosophy about staying tight i finally realized I just wasn't tight enough. i'm still prob not ideal but do you have any cues with your setup to maintain super tightness? When it got heavy before I'd not bring the bar down with tension but try to bounce or "pop" it up. I realize now that was not the way to go. Any advice on keeping tightness greatly appreciated but mostly thanks for the awesome programming. Deadlifts are flying up, in your words like a "smoke show"! also. thanks! Sam

  2. Awesome to hear Sam.

    As for getting tighter when benching, the thing to think about is that your traps and upperback are as tight into the bench as possible. After that your legs should be tight as well. This means walking them back a bit until you feel the arch get very tight. This will also help you drive the upperback into the bench even more. You should also think about wrapping your shoulders into the bench, as if they could hold onto the bench themselves.

    I may do a video soon to talk about my setup because it's the easier and best one I have ever used.

  3. Paul,
    With regards to your quote " I'm the worst person in the world about having a positive attitude for myself, but I always seem to be able to find the silver lining in the blackest of clouds for others. I guess that's just my nature".........DITTO!

    I am often sought out by friends, family and colleagues because of my positive nature and for my constructive advice but when it comes to myself it is the opposite???

    I could have been a lot futher along in my career, though I have still acheived a reasonable amount of sucess, if only I could be positive towards myself more but oh hum! My work involves being a role model and giving advice so I suppose that is truly my calling in life.

    As for the being with the right person, coming up to 25 years married, been together 29 years. 3 great kids and she is my best friend. I don't know how she puts up with me actually!! She suffers greatly from depression but I am always there for her and I love her more than I can express, though her depression makes her question everything about me.

    Keep up the good work, I might not always agree with some of your statements but at least you are honest and forthright, which is refreshing especially when the majority of people are not!

    Tony B (UK)

  4. Tony - I feel you man. It's actually my wife that has been on me all the time about the power of positive thinking, and that it really does work. And I must say, I think she's on to something. Give it a try yourself for a while and see if it doesn't make a difference. You'll just have to remind yourself about it when you have those moments where you want to kick yourself in the junk.

  5. hey bro. 2weeks into the cycle for the push/pull meet. using templates i found of yours on this blog. thanks!