Saturday, September 10, 2011

Training - Light Back and Biceps

Bodyweight - 242

A.M. Cardio - 35 minutes of steady state

Noon time

Speed Deads - 315 x 8 singles

Ok I never do speed deads but last weeks deadlift session was so awful I wanted to pull, but not heavy.  I also have some technique issues I want to work on.  So I may do some speed deads now and then.

Barbell Rows - 135 x 4 sets of 20

Superset - LatPulldowns/Leg Curls - 130/70 x 5 sets of 15/20

Preacher Ez Bar Curls - 65 x 4 sets of 12-15

Notes - Really nice session.  The walk this morning seemed to help a lot because sometimes on Sat mornings I am still feeling sluggish.  A really solid 80%er.

Of note, check out the weights.  All REALLY light stuff.  This is a LIGHT day.  Remember that.  The light days should be about "making the muscle work" NOT moving weight.  This should be all about stretch and contract.  Not worrying about how much weight is on the bar/stack.


  1. you werent joking when u said light.

    say if for example on ez bar curls i can do 66 for 10 reps for 3 sets STRUGGLING by the last set / rep.. i should in reality be going LIGHTER for more growth?

    say around 45 lbs for 15-20 reps instead? would that be more stimulating for the muscle to be "working" instead of me really grinding them out?


  2. Yeah up the reps. Don't sweat the weight on the bar on these days. By the time I got around to the curls my forearms and biceps were already fried from all the high rep sets of rows and pulldowns.

    It has an accumulative effect all over.